Scar of the Sun

If you like your metal epic and rifftastic, then allow me to introduce you to Scar of the Sun, a new band from Greece that originally formed in London. After the jump, you can hear a Gun Shy Assassin exclusive: A sneak peak at the band’s new album, A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies. Say that ten times fast!

It’s a track called “Disciple of the Sun” and it’s very atmospheric, with a wide array of influences and various musical elements, which all really sort of makes up for Firewind. Greece, you are redeemed!

Rhys Fulber (Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Machine Head) offered his services for the co-production and mixing of Scar of the Sun’s debut album. The mastering was handled by Greg Reely (Paradise Lost, Strapping Young Lad, Theatre Of Tragedy, Fear Factory, Machine Head).

The album actually comes out in Europe on June 14.

[wpaudio url=” Of The Sun.mp3″ text=”Scar of the Sun: Disciple of the Sun” dl=”0″]