The Devastated

Gun Shy Assassin’s making it a two-for Monday, folks. Now, we’ve got a new track for you from Southern California’s The Devastated — the band Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence says “is the heaviest thing to hit the Earth since the asteroids that killed off the dinosaurs.”

Damn, man. This song is fucking SAH-VERE! It’s called “Roof Top Drop,” and is the second single from The Devastated’s upcoming full length debut, due out in 2012.

Check out the track, folks — at the end of this post. I mean, holy shit — this thing is going to fuck your mind up. In a good way. The guitars are fucking insane crazy with headbanging-inducing breakdowns, and those vocals…damn, son — how do you fucking do that without coughing up blood constantly?

The Devastated features former members of Impending Doom and Oblige, and their first single, “Devil’s Messenger,” is already available on iTunes.

Also, you should know that The Devastated will be on “The Insurrection Tour” with Molotov Solution, which kicks off Sept. 28.

Century Media artists The Devastated is currently wrapping up tracking with young producer Chris Eck, and mixing later this month with Daniel Castleman at Lambesis Studios in San Diego, California.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”The Devastated: Roof Top Drop” dl=”0″]