The Human Abstract Debut New Song “Patterns”

The Human Abstract
You like The Human Abstract? Can’t wait for the March 8 release of the band’s new album, Digital Veil? Well, if you head to the band’s Facebook page, you can hear a new song from that album, called “Patterns.”

“The colorful chromatic harmonies and lyrical melody are supported with lyrics that explore ideas about identity, personal transformation and purpose,” says lead guitarist A.J. Minette about the track.

The guitars on this song are sick, but I will admit that I spent the first minute waiting for the song to get awesome. I felt like it was going nowhere for the first minute; the last half of the track is disgusting. But getting to that point was rather uneventful. I’m not knocking the track. I just thought the first half was boring. I’m hoping the whole record won’t be so boring.

Of course, The Human Abstract will take part in the Atticus Metal Tour with Darkest Hour, Born of Osiris, and more. That trek runs from February 25 to March 27.