The album's cover

Today, we present for you an exclusive track from Oklahoma City-based proggy powerhouse Vangough, called “Choke Faint Drown.” Head for the end of this post to stream it right now.

Yes, this may not be your exact cup of tea, but hey — we’re trying to broaden your horizons, dude.

According to a press release, Vangough, who draw inspiration from heavy guitar driven 90s metal bands, “combines the groovy attitude of southern metal stalwarts Pantera and the quirkiness of progressive leaders Dream Theater with melodies inspired by early video game music such as Mega Man.”

Go check it out. There are synths, which honors their influences like Genesis and King Crimson, giving them a slightly classic rock feel while retaining the freshness of a forward-thinking contemporary band.

Yes, it probably isn’t what you were expecting for Gun Shy Assassin, but give it a chance. You may just love it. The band’s third album Kingdom of Ruin is in stores now.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Vangough: Choke Faint Drown” dl=”0″]