And the reason why is blood. Watain — the Swedish black metallers who perform live, covered in blood that they bring with them on the road — commissioned a silk screen poster for a recent London gig from Metastazis, a Paris-founded, New York-based designer “dedicated to the most scandalous yet refined forms of expression.”

The poster was printed using actual human hemoglobin, the idea of which made some dude at Printmag.com almost vomit. If anyone wants to get me this poster, I’d appreciate it. I would put it in my rock room, where I display all of my rock memorabilia.

Printmag has links to pictures, documenting the whole process. I guess a bunch of dudes who worked on the poster had their blood drawn for their art.

The poster is gorgeous and you wouldn’t know it was printed with blood by looking at it. But what a masterpiece.

According to the article, Metastazis “have shined up Black Metal with high production values and theatrical staging. Their work bridges design and performance in a manner that is becoming more frequent these days. However, is the act of using human blood scandalous yet refined? You be the judge. In the ‘end of print’ era it seems that spectacle is becoming as significant as content (although the poster is impressive).”