Sacrocurse Exclusive Album Stream: Unholier Master

Unholier Master

Look at that fucking cover. I mean, LOOK at it. You basically know an album’s going to destroy with a cover as regal as that one. Meet Sacrocurse from Mexico. The black/death metal band’s much-sought debut album, Unholier Master, is ready for you to hear it in its glorious, blasphemous entirety. Today, Gunshy brings you […]

Primus Drummer Starts Physical Therapy

Tim Alexander

We here at Gunshy Assassin sure are thrilled for Tim Alexander. The dude had a minor brush with the other side, and is now heading towards a full recovery as he started physical therapy today. You may recall Tim suffered a heart attack last month, and underwent a triple bypass a day later. Tim writes […]

Anaal Nathrakh Name New Record

I love Anaal

Anaal Nathrakh have christened their new album. The record will be Desideratum, which means “Something that is needed or wanted;” it will be the band’s first for new label Metal Blade Records. Says Anaal: “Finally, we are reaching the stage where things are coming together for the impending release of our new cacophony. For now, […]

Ex-Betrayal Drummer Busted For Kiddie Porn


What the fuck is up with dudes and kiddie porn, man? Like, honestly, I don’t get that shit. At all. I can see being into feet, maybe. I could get, perhaps, someone wanting to hump a seal. But kids? They’re so fucking sweet and innocent. It’s horrid to think of anything but wanting to care […]

Life Of Agony Book Shows

Mina Caputo

Fresh from some European shows, Life Of Agony have gone and announced two U.S. shows. Sadly, most of you won’t be able to go. The shows are in the Northeast. Here’s when and where: 9/13: Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroo, 10/18: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium As you well know, Life of Agony’s lead singer […]

Behemoth Perform Stripped Down Set


That’s right! Shipping issues with their equipment forced Behemoth to scale things down a bit. Their usual stage set up was missing when the band played this past weekend’s Motocultor Festival in Saint-Nolff, France. The low-key production also boasted the band sans their usual makeup and costumery. Check out this video from the set.

Abysmal Dawn Book Gigs

Abysmal Dawn

None are in New York, which makes this kid frown. But yes, folks — Abysmal Dawn will be playing some a headlining shows ahead of their trek with Deicide and Septicflesh. Find dates for that tour here. Those Abysmal Dawn headlining gigs are: 9/30 Riverside, CA – The Vibe 10/1 Las Cruces, NM – Green […]

Team Sleep Return

Team Sleep

This is great news to be able to report, and somewhat surprising, considering Chino Moreno all but said they were done in a not-so-recent interview — Team Sleep are back. The trip-hop outfit featuring the Deftones’ frontman will soon head to Woodstock, New York, to work on a new album. Fans will have the chance […]

Today Is The Day Detail New Disc

Animal Mother

Today Is The Day’s tenth full-length album, Animal Mother, was detailed this morning by Southern Lord, which will release the disc in October. The band’s current lineup features the rhythm section of bassist Sean Conkling (Regression, Burn Your Halo, Sprawl) and drummer Jeff Lohrber (Enabler, ex-Harlots), fronted by cult leader, founding guitarist/vocalist Steve Austin. The […]

Glen Drover, Queensrÿche’s La Torre Team Up

Todd La Torre

Guitarist Glen Drover, perhaps best known for his work with Megadeth, has partnered with Todd La Torre, the frontman for Queensrÿche, on a new song. It’s called “Discordia” and a 50-second snippet from the song can be heard at the end of this post. The single will be available for digital download by week’s end. […]