Lars Says 20 Songs Written For Next Metallica LP


Well, that’s not totally true. Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, drummer extraordinaire, told that the band’s got close to 20 songs written to their next album. Not 20 in total, but almost 20. Lars says Metallica will soon commence pre-production for the new album. “We are fucking in it,” Ulrich says. “We’ve got lots of songs, […]

Six Feet Under Debut Song From Upcoming LP

Crypt of the Devil

At the end of this post, you can stream a new song from Six Feet Under, if you dare. The track is called “Open Coffin Orgy,” which also happened to be the working title for my autobiography. Gonna have to change that now. Metal Blade will issue the new Six Feet Under, Crypt Of The […]

Armored Saint Detail New Album, Book Shows


Armored Saint will return this summer with a new album, and have a bunch of shows booked in the states with Saxon. Win Hands Down, Armored Saint’s new one, shows the band have only grown stronger and tighter with age, making for a dynamic and enthralling metal masterpiece. Look for the new album to hit […]

Motörhead Albums Coming To Vinyl


Nine of Motörhead’s classic albums will be reissued on vinyl soon, according to a press release. Three albums will be released later this month, with the rest to follow in April. The campaign follows the acquisition in 2013 of the Sanctuary catalogue by BMG. All album artwork reflects the original release from the cover to […]

Lamb Of God Frontman Appears In Peculiar Video

I am utterly confused...

The following video featuring Randy Blythe, the lead throat for Lamb of God, confuses me more than the physical mechanics of lesbian sex. In the clip, which was allegedly filmed in Australia recently, Blythe appears in corpse paint under a red and yellow circus tent with similarly corpse-painted Sam Haycroft, who is a member of […]

Amorphis Demoing New Tunes


If you are a fan of Finnish melancholic dark metal outfit Amorphis, I have some good news for you, and hope that it helps to brighten your day. Amorphis have been demoing new songs as of late, and plan to start recording their 12th studio set soon. The new album is being eyed for a […]

Black Sabbath’s Iommi Issues Appeal To Indonesian President

Tony Iommi

If you don’t respect Tony Iommi, I don’t want to know you. The man wrote every fucking riff in metal, and now, he’s written a letter of appeal to the metal-loving president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. The Black Sabbath guitarist is hoping Widodo will reconsider the planned execution of two Australians, convicted in 2006 for […]

Report Issued On Metallica Drummer’s Bachelor Party

Lars Ulrich

Pretty soon, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich will get married to a woman taller than him. I give the man credit. I once dated a chick who was taller than me, and I always felt like a little kid around her. Seeing as Lars is getting hitched, his buddy Mike Judge, the creator of “Beavis and […]

Atheist Frontman Playing Cop In New Film

Kelly the copper

Perhaps in some alternate universe, Atheist’s Kelly Shaefer is a real-life lawman, who takes down child rapists and solves complicated murders. But in this universe, Kelly’s a guitarist and lead singer for a Floridian technical metal band. Lucky for us, he’ll be playing a cop in a small role in the forthcoming film “Rocky Mountain […]

Original Broken Hope Drummer Dead

Ryan Stanek

Ryan Stanek, the original drummer and a co-founder of Chicago-based death metal band Broken Hope, has died. Stanek was 42 when he passed on March 1. Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner issued the following statement: “I was stunned to hear of Ryan’s passing and I’m still not believing it. Though Ryan and I didn’t talk […]