Nile Working On New Material


Last night was the final night of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, and I came away from the entire experience exhausted and with my penis smelling like it normally does, and not like it was in a body cavity. Nile were one of the last bands to play, and as always, they were […]

Brawl Breaks Out At Firefest 2014

A shot from the scene

Glad I was in New England and not Ohio this weekend. A large brawl erupted last night in Lakewood at Firefest 2014 that left four people hospitalized with lacerations and stab wounds. None of the injuries are considered life-threatening. Lakewood Police have confirmed that 20 people have been arrested in connection with the melee. Reports […]

Machine Head Release New Song For Streaming

Machine Head

Hear it now. At the end of this post. It’s called “Killers & Kings,” and is Machine Head’s newest material. The song was released as a 10-inch vinyl single on Record Store Day. The B-side is a cover version of the track “Our Darkest Days” from Ignite.

Queensrÿche, Tate Reach Lawsuit Settlement


The two sides fighting over the Queensrÿche name have reached an “amicable” agreement, settling a suit forged in federal court. Guitarist Michael Wilton has confirmed that singer Geoff Tate, who was fired and replaced last year, and his former bandmates have reached a settlement in their legal battle over the rights to the group’s name. […]

Maruta Book Studio Time


That’s right, kids. That band Maruta will be touring for the last half of May. But once that tour’s a wrap, they’ve got plans to hit a recording studio to get their next album recorded. Drum track will be captures at Visceral Sound with Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) producing. Hull will also handle […]

Sworn Enemy To Tour

Sworn Enemy

I feel like I’ve been out of touch since arriving here in Worcester. That’s because I have hardly used my computer. Today’s the first chance I am getting to use it because I’ve been so preoccupied with the metals. So as I was saying before, last night, after Behemoth closed out the second night, we […]

Black Breath, Mutilation Rites To Tour

Black Breath

Oh man. As I write this, I am not hungover, but my stomach and brain definitely don’t feel right. I drank many shots last night with Matt from Nefarious Realm, who I’m crashing with for Metalfest weekend. He’s good shit, and his site is dope, so check it out. So, I’m not hungover, which means […]

Mastodon’s Dailor Channels Phil Collins On New Disc


When I think Phil Collins, I think annoying. The dude just annoys me. He’s always squinting, like someone’s flashing a light in his face, and his voice irritates the mother-lovin’ shit out of me. Truth be told, he is a fine drummer, and his work with Genesis was stunning. This is something Mastodon’s drummer Brann […]

In Flames Reveal New Album Art

Siren Charms

I’m currently in Worcester, Massachusetts, about to head into the third and final day of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. What a fest it has been, folks. Last night, Behemoth and Goatwhore blew my ass straight the fuck away, and Slapshot delivered a legendary, energizing set. But more on Metalfest later. Did you […]

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With Aborted’s Sven de Caluwé


As you listen to this podcast, I am likely on my way to or already drunk in Worcester, Massachusetts — the site of the annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. I’ll be throwing down with the best of them, and throwing ‘em back like I was in college, so if you see me out […]