Obituary’s New Album Streaming Online

Inked In Blood

The new album from Obituary can now be streamed using the player that appears at the end of this post like magic. Actually, it’s just some HTML coding. But still, it feels like magic sometimes. The full album stream of the band’s album Inked in Blood comes compliments of Loudwire. The new album will be […]

In This Moment Release New Video

Black Widow

The video for “Sick Like Me” — the new single from Maria Brink who is for all intents and purposes In This Moment — follows at the end of this post. I feel bad for the dudes who’re members of In This Moment. They’ve basically been rendered obsolete, at this point. They are barely even […]

At The Gates, Converge Tour Confirmed


At The Gates will be touring with Converge next spring as part of the Decibel Magazine tour. We’ve got a long time to wait before this tour commences. Vallenfyre will open on the run. “Super-stoked at finally getting to be part of the Decibel tour!” enthuses At The Gates frontman Tomas Lindberg. “A great mag, […]

Don Slater’s Pork Chop Express: Better Late Than Never!


Sorry for the lack of a quote this month. It’s been a busy one, for sure. However, where there is a will, there’s a way. Between writing new material for our upcoming album and trying to figure out my life (never ending…), I’ve a few subjects I’d like to touch on. I promised Chris, the […]

Crowbar, Unearth To Tour


Happy Monday, motherfuckers. What a shitty fucking weekend. Sure, I got to see Amon Amarth and Skeletonwitch, but my Sunday was spent in bed, feeling like ass. Saturday was spent dealing with a break-up. All in all, the weekend was weak sauce. But today’s going to be much better. I just learned that Crowbar will […]

Ozzy Osbourne: Three Songs Written For Next Solo LP

Ozzy Osbourne

With his latest career retrospective in stores, some fans are wondering when Ozzy Osbourne will actually release another new solo album. After all, it’s been a little bit now since that last one, which was pretty piss poor, by all accounts I’d heard. But Ozzy says he’s ready to return to the studio to record […]

“Project Rogue — Titans” Tries Again

Chris Adler

The first crowd-funding campaign for “Project Rogue — Titans” fell significantly short of its $70,000 goal, netting less than $10,000. So, Randy Herrera’s giving it a second try. Now, there is a new Pledgemusic campaign going…but the goal’s unspecified at this time.
 The relaunchhed effort features some new named, as you will see from the […]

Capture The Crown Get New Members

...a nice image, serving in the absence of a photo of the new lineup

Not that anyone really gives a fuck, but Capture The Crown have now commented on the exits of guitarist Jye Menzies, guitarist and bassist Kris Sheehan and drummer Tyler March. In fact, they have even found some replacements. “Word is starting to get around that there have been changes made to Capture the Crown‘s lineup. […]

At The Gates, Converge To Tour Next Year

At The Gates

The lineup for next year’s annual Decibel Magazine Tour was announced during last night’s Amon Amarth concert in New York. I was there for most of the gig. Before having to head to the Skeletonwitch show in Brooklyn. Set to join the North American tour are At The Gates, Converge and Vallenfyre. More bands will […]

Skeletonwitch Frontman Leaves Band’s Tour

Skeletonwitch without Chance at St. Vitus

Last night, Skeletonwitch played a set in Brooklyn without their frontman, Chance Garnette. Chance’s brother, guitarist Nate Garnette, explained at the show’s outset that the singer had to return to Ohio “to take care of some personal” matters. There’s no word yet on what this personal issue is, or when Chance will be back with […]