Readers’ Bands: Reduced To Ash Are Badass

Reduced To Ash

So, for a while there, I stopped writing the Readers’ Bands column because, well, I was fixing to shut the site down. But I’ve since reconsidered, with a patron campaign currently underway to raise funds to the site’s continued operation. Hence, I’ll be doing two Readers’ Bands columns a week going forth. If you’re a […]

Megadeth Leader Comments On Chris Adler’s Addition

Chris Adler

We told you yesterday that Chris Adler was definitely Megadeth’s drummer. In fact, we’ve been saying it’s Chris since that first 15-second video was posted online. Because Adler has his own style, man. And I know it well. Now, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine has commented on the Lamb of God drummer’s appearance on the band’s upcoming […]

40 Below Summer Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

40 Below Summer

Four years ago, New Jersey-based hardcore metal outfit 40 Below Summer reunited to work on a record that was eventually released in 2013. For some, the band’s return was warmly welcomed. For others, 40 Below Summer were regarded as something of a joke — a nostalgia act that harkened back to a time long gone […]

It’s Official: Chris Adler Drumming For Megadeth

It's Adler

That’s right, people. Chris Adler of Lamb of God is in Megadeth. The worst kept secret in metal has been confirmed. An image of Adler in a Megadeth T-shirt was posted online. To Facebook specifically. It seems to show Adler, or an Adler impersonator, awash in orange. So, that’s awesome.

Carcass Piss Off Malaysian Fans


When Malaysian authorities refused to issues visas for Carcass because of their lyrics, the U.K. metal outfit didn’t take to kindly to the gesture. Carcass has posted the Malaysian flag upside down on its social media pages, and reports claim that has gotten some of the Malaysian fans riled up. The image was accompanied by […]

Megadeth’s Ellefson Demurs On Chris Adler’s Involvement


Another video has surfaced, featuring footage of the drums for Megadeth’s new album being tracked. This is the third such video the band has released, and it follows at the end of this post. From all appearances, and based on Chris Adler’s drumming style in the video, I’d say that’s Lamb of God’s kitman for […]

Twisted Sister To Detail Future Plans Next Week

Twisted Sister

It’s been two weeks since A.J. Pero’s death, and this week, the surviving members of Twisted Sister met to discuss the future. The passing of their drummer has left a lot of questions unanswered. The band posted the attached picture on Facebook, showing frontman Dee Snider with guitarists Jay Jay French and Eddie Ojeda and […]

Dark Sermon’s Van Stolen

Dark Sermon

This morning, when I woke up, I looked out my fourth-floor window, and gazed upon my shitty neighborhood below. Down the street, I noticed a man’s legs dangling from a car window. I was half-asleep, so it took a few seconds for it to register: If that was his car, why would he be going […]

Is Behemoth’s Nergal Teasing His Solo Material?


Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski has posted two videos, and I am pretty fucking sure they were shot while he was in the studio working on his solo project. You know, the one that’ll sound nothing like Behemoth but instead be “very stripped down and simple. The most primitive, acoustic-based stuff. That’s what I’m really […]

Into Another Releasing New EP

Into Another

Man, back in the day, I used to love me some Into Another. For me, discovering them on my own is something I like to gloat about. They were — and presumably, still are — fucking awesome, but they’re not metal, as it were. They’re appreciated by metalheads because they push the bounds of experimental […]