Andrew Tapley No Longer In The Human Abstract

The Human Abstract

In less than a month, The Human Abstract’s new album, Digital Veil, will be in stores. Yes — less than a month. And now, just before their record’s about to drop, The Human Abstract has lost — or rather, ousted — a member.

Guitarist Andrew Tapley has taken leave of the band. And apparently, the band is fine with that.

“As some of you know and many have been wondering, I will not be playing with The Human Abstract anymore,” he wrote on Facebook. “This wasn’t decided by me; however, there are no hard feelings. Thanks to everyone who supported the band these past few years and to all the wonderful friends I had the pleasure of meeting. I will be in Los Angeles continuing with music; art is long and time is fleeting –see y’all soon!”

It wasn’t decided by him, huh? I guess A.J. Minette coming back to the band full-time rendered Andrew’s talent needless. Either way, that’s a tough break. I’d be pissed if I were Andrew. Pissed. They’ve got a tour coming up, a new album, and now, just before it all starts happening, he’s gone. I wonder if he has a Minette voodoo doll.

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  • Lukas Sydow

    I think Tapley’s departure is ridiculous. He was a great guitarist and songwriter. Had he cooporated with Minette, they could have accomplished much. But I guess pride and ego yet sill goeth before the fall