Anthrax Bassist Wants More Acting Gigs

...because who wants to look at Frank Bello?

The presumptuously-titled Legendary Rock Interviews spoke with bassist Frank Bello, who is apparently a character actor.

I had no idea.

He’s in a new movie called “Greetings From Tim Buckley,” and even walked the carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival recently.

“The reviews were great,” says Bello. “I mean, I have a smaller part in the movie, I’m a character actor in it and play Richard Hell, but I got a lot of nice compliments from people, which was really nice to hear. It was a totally positive experience.”

Now, Bello wants more acting work.

“I’m touring with Anthrax for the rest of this year, and what I’d like to do is maybe get in some more acting work next year while we’re all busy writing the next Anthrax record,” he says.

“We’re going to be doing more touring, but I’m definitely planning on doing some auditioning and working towards more film work. I enjoy it, I genuinely enjoy it. It’s very different from Anthrax, but it’s a lot of fun, a blast actually.”

Is it different from Anthrax? I would have imagined it was exactly the same.

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