At The Gates Frontman Won’t Rule Out New Album

Tomas Lindberg

Holy fuck, I hope he’s not just talking smack, and that there’s a legitimate chance this happens. If it does, I’ll have give myself a facial.

Kill Your Stereo spoke with Tomas Lindberg — of Lock Up and The Crown among other excellent bands — about At The Gates.

I have to applaud Kill Your Stereo here. They acknowledge, ahead of time, that they’re asking the question that’s always asked.

“I know it’s a question you’ve been asked to death and you’re probably sick of answering, but I know you said you At The Gates are not going to write another record together, but you might be open to writing together under a different name. Is that something you’ve given much thought to lately?,” the site artfully asks.

“Well, basically, I’ve learnt never to say never. We said we’d never do any more shows whatsoever and now we’re doing shows [again],” Lindberg says. “2008 was the last tour we were going to do and now we are doing more [shows]. I learned not to say never you know.”

You should never say never. Mike Patton did once when asked about Faith No More, and look what happened there.

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