Attila Frontman Claims To Have A Vagina

The Fronzak

I knew there was something off about this guy. Turns out, he has a vagina! How wonderful, especially on this defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act day.

See, it all started when singer Chris Fronzak called out the Westboro Baptist Church on his useless band Attila’s new album.

He told them, in one song, to “protest this dick, faggots.”

Well, the church heard the song and they plan on going after him, and will protest Attila shows.

I may protest Attila’s show too, but as a member of the Elitist Dicks Against Generic Doucherock. Because they fucking blow.

Anyways, so, the Westboro Baptist Church Tweeted they will protest Attila’s gigs, and Chris responded by Tweeting he was “stoked for you to come protest this dick,” before instructing them to “Touch my pussy.”


Dude’s got lady junk. A mangina, if you will. It’s OK. I wouldn’t want to be a hermaphrodite, but it’s cool if he is.

Can hermaphrodites fuck themselves? I’ve always wondered.

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  • joseph

    nobody likes your stupid fucking article ignorant cunt

    • Trey Ciminelli

      I like it.