Avenged Sevenfold’s Shadows Responds To Machine Head Frontman’s Slam

M. Shadows and his old lady

M. Shadows, the singer for sub-par rock act Avenged Sevenfold, says he isn’t bothered by Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn’s criticism of his band’s new album.

“Everyone should be entitled to say whatever they want,” he says.

Flynn called Avenged’s Hail to the King a covers album in a hilarious post available here.

Speaking to Amy Volume of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s 106.9 The Bear radio station, Shadows said that he “read it as a joke. I have met Robb on numerous occasions and he’s always been cool to me. And I just read it as a joke.”


He called you guys “wiggas.” How’s that a joke?

“I really don’t know what to say about it other than I agree with him on the ‘Sad But True’ thing — that was obviously an inspiration for that song. Everything else, I kind of think he… If it is a joke, it was kind of overboard, ’cause it doesn’t make sense in my mind.

“But at the same time, he was saying it was a joke, so…I have no ill will towards those guys. I’ve met Phil [Demmel] a couple of times; he’s cool. Robb is cool. And I think the guy has the right to go make… if it’s really a joke, in his mind… Some people might see it as being as an underhanded… joke. But, to me, if he just wants to go in there and write whatever he wants, I think that’s totally cool. Everyone has an opinion and everyone should be entitled to say whatever they want. So it’s no skin off our backs.”


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  • Awesome

    You suck fat ass.
    You and all your articles are shit.
    Just because you do not like a band does not mean they suck. I am sorry your hardcore heavy metal bands can not sell records.
    So good day sir and FUCK OFF.

    • no



        See your comment is worst than is rant. At least Awesome had some passion. You just sound lazy. Shape up old chap. Mumford and Sons kills all of your bands because their music is lovely. That is whats wrong with you metal head pricks. Just lighten up and wear something other than black. it is also proven that headbanging is horrible for your health. One last comment. MEGADEATH SUCKS BALLS. Goodbye Metalheads. This was fun.

  • miasma422

    Wow… Don’t kill the messenger…. I don’t always agree with this sites views of some bands(the black dahlia murder) but, in this case, the guy is merely relaying info with little spin or his own input.

  • dr.Whocares

    I am with Awesome on this one. I am not going to rant. Not really my thing. However this guy writes like he is the coolest guy ever but it is usually quite rubbish. Sevenfold is really the only heavy band that is worth shit. Underoath and Trivium or however you spell it are just not that good. My ears feel like crying every time I hear that god awful barking. So I can see how Awesome would get mad over this guy downing his band because they are better than anything else the genre as produced.


    Wow at all the tension this article caused. Lets just call this Chris Harris a joke and move on. No need to stoop to his level by ranting even though it made me laugh.