Butcher Babies Singer Reveals She Popped An Implant

Yeah, she's metal

I’ve been with a lot of well-endowed women in my time — ones with both natural breasts and surgically-enhanced hangers.

The fake-titted broads always insisted God had blessed them with great racks, but I knew better. When you grab a boobie and there’s resistance, that’s sort of a dead giveaway.

I wouldn’t be into Carla Harvey.

Not that she’d be into me. But, she’s got fake breasts. Which was kind of obvious.

What may not be so obvious is this: leading a fake metal band bra-less can be dangerous to them implants.

“I broke a breast implant three years ago,” Harvey tells Revolver, who likely worship the ground she walks on.

“It ruptured and there was a slow leak. I didn’t wake up one day with a cyclops boob or anything, but I had to get them replaced, which sucks because I had to take six weeks off.”

Fake boobs are the worst.

Don’t ever get ‘em, girls. If a dude won’t dig you the way you are, they don’t deserve you.

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  • Jay Barnes

    “Don’t ever get ‘em, girls. If a dude won’t dig you the way you are, they don’t deserve you.”
    ^ Whoa.. FINALLY ! You have managed to write ONE sentence that sounds like it actually came from a person with a fully operational brain.