Chimaira Frontman Busts Ankle During 2011 Capper

Mark and his busted ankle

Yes, I know I’m a day late on this. I was fucking busy, people. Deal with it.

But yes, Chimaira’s annual year-ending holiday concert ended one song in, after frontman Mark Hunter busted his fucking ankle into a bazillion pieces.

“Chimaira Christmas” went down December 30 at the House Of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio.

This is how it happened: Chimaira — or Chimåirå, as I like to call them — were playing and guitarist Matt DeVries jumped off the drum riser. He crashed into bassist Emil Werstler, who then bumped into singer Mark, knocking him on his ass.

Mark didn’t break his ankle. He just sprained it and need crutches now, until the sprain has healed itself.

Hunter, knocking Mark down and spraining Hunter’s ankle. As a result, Mark has been forced to walk around with crutches today (see photo below) until his ankle is fully healed.

The “Chimaira Christmas” concert marked the band’s final performance with DeVries and fellow guitarist Rob Arnold, who are now former members of Chimaira. Officially.

We here at Gun Shy Assassin wish Mark a speedy recovery.

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