Converge In Oregon Van Accident

Converge released this picture from the crash

What in the fuck is going on with all these van and bus accidents and fires happening, man?

It’s like an epidemic. Luckily, no one’s been injured in any of these recent incidents, save for Baroness — whose bus took a header off a cliff. But, dude…let it be known that life on the road can be treacherous.

Converge were in an accident last night in Oregon.

Band vocalist Jacob Bannon went online to update fans on what happened.

“After driving all day/evening, we hit a patch of black ice in the mountains of Oregon. We were forced to turn into a highway divider at 40mph in order to avoid sliding under a slew of 18 wheelers,” he explains.

“The van spun 180 degrees after impact, and we were left facing the wrong direction on the highway. We spent a few hours prying our bumper off our front wheels. Thankfully, we are rolling again. Bands, be safe out there. Never take anything for granted.”

Holy fuck, for reals. Be careful, you guys.

In the meantime, we have heard from Brian Fair of Shadows Fall, whose bus ignited the other night.

“All is well bro,” Brian writes GSA. “Just a small generator fire. And the firemen didn’t even show up with a boom box and break away pants. Oh well.”

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  • rodstewart

    To be fair, Baroness’ bus dropped off of a motorway overpass and not a cliff. Both of them surely dramatic mishaps for sure, but I just had to set the record straight.

    • christhescribe

      We have a proclivity for exaggeration