Devin Townsend’s Epicloud: Full Details Revealed

Devin Townsend

If there’s a forthcoming record worthy of mass sprouting of tech metal dork boners, it’s Devin Townsend’s Epicloud, which drops September 18.

Also dropping…massive loads. That’s what happens when you get a rise in widespread erections.

Epicloud will come in both standard and deluxe editions. The special edition will be limited to 5,000 units.

A vinyl pressing is also being prepped for September 25.

We’ve got the album’s full track listing for you at the end of this post.


Disc 1:
1: “Effervescent!”

2: “True North”

3: “Lucky Animals”

4: “Liberation”
5: “Where We Belong”

6: “Save Our Now”

7: “Kingdom”

8: “Divine”

9: “Grace”

10: “More!”

11: “Lessons”

12: “Hold On”

13: “Angel”

Disc 2 (Deluxe Edition):
1: “Believe” (demo)
2: “Happy Birthday” (demo)

3: “Quietus” (demo)

4: “Heatwave” (demo)

5: “Love Tonight” (demo)
6: “The Mind WASP” (demo)
7: “Woah No!” (demo)

8: “Love And Marriage” (demo)

9: “Socialization” (demo)

10: “Little Pig” (dem0)

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  • PraiseCamwise

    This just absolutely made my day! Effervescent!