Halestorm Singer Not Ruling Out Playboy Pictorial

Lzzy Hale

Well, it makes sense. She’s had plenty of practice posing for Revolver’s Hottest Chicks features — Playboy’s the next logical step.

According to this interview, Lzzy Hale isn’t completely opposed to the idea of flashing her naughty bits to the world for a paycheck.

“I haven’t really been asked that a lot,” says Hale, a Grammy winner if you can believe that.

“I was thinking about it the other day,” she says. “I guess I would have to cross that bridge when I come to it. It depends what it is and what it is for and how tasteful it would be. I am not going to say no, but I would have to cross that bridge when I came to it.”

I wouldn’t mind seeing Hale nude. It’d make her music more tolerable.

I’d have to listen to Halestorm whilst staring at her nudies just to be able to refrain from hanging myself.

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  • Martin

    In some photos she is hot as fuck but then other times she looks like a right dog, I also seen her live and she had her dog on… I think its life toying with me? what’s everyone else thoughts?

    • Zoe

      Yah right

  • Jay Barnes

    Her look would be a better fit for Hustler or Penthouse

  • Zoe

    She is the awasomest person in the world she is my fav fav singer

  • Kyle Adahl

    She’s beautiful and would make a great pictorial. I’m sick of no talent people putting down those who are. If you’re so much better than these people get off your fat ugly asses and prove it.

  • Jason

    She has an amazingly powerful voice,she’s a good musician who plays multiple instruments.She has a beautiful face and a killer bod.I think I’m in love.And also she did an excellent job on the Ronnie james dio tribute album