Josh Homme’s Kyuss Lives! Suit: Read It

The Homme

Wanna read a copy of the lawsuit Josh Homme filed against Kyuss Lives!?

It’s kinda boring, but if you’re a lawyer who loves metal, you will surely get off on this shit.

The suit names Homme as the only plaintiff (probably because Scott Reeder, who supports the suit, couldn’t pay for a lawyer; don’t worry dude, either could I), and from my reading is about the original trademark to the Kyuss name.

The suit claims that upon Kyuss‘ breakup, Homme, John Garcia and Reeder formed a partnership. This agreement required at least two of the aforementioned three members to be present and agree upon any future usage of the band’s business.

According to claims in the suit, Kyuss Lives! attempted to moved to file federal trademark applications for both the Kyuss Lives! moniker and Kyuss, itself.

These applications were made in connection with live performances, recordings and apparel merchandise; if these trademarks were granted, Homme and Reeder would have been cut out of the Kyuss loop, losing future revenues from merch and album sales.

Homme’s gotta do what Homme’s gotta do, kids.

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