Listen To A New Arsis Track Right Here, Kids


Oh man — you need to hear this. Forget the rest of what’s written here for now, and head to the end of this post to hear some yum-yum delicious guitar-saturated metal from Arsis. It is awesome. I got swamp ass just listening to it.

Of course, Arsis have been working on new songs as of late for an upcoming collection of tunes…also known as an album. After the jump, you will be able to hear “Since The Shadows,” which is filthy and awesome and — fuck, why aren’t you listening to it yet?!?!

“We are indeed writing a new Arsis album and we want to offer everybody a glimpse into the music that we’ve been building for the last few months,” the band says in a statement. “This is a demo of a new one called ‘Since the Shadows‘ and it’s from the first batch of songs for the album. It’s still early but a musical direction has emerged from the work so far and we think it speaks for itself without any grand pronouncements, so enjoy it and we will see you on the Firewind tour this fall!”

ARSIS – Since the Shadows (Demo) by NuclearBlastRecords

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  • Rottingcorpse

    I thought we had lost Arsis with the last album…this is definitely more of  what I was hoping for with the last outting