Mayhem Are In The Studio! Mayhem Are In The Studio!



That’s right, kids. I knew I sensed a disturbance in the force.

Norwegian black metal icons Mayhem have entered a recording studio in Budapest, Hungary, to begin tracking their new album for an early 2013 release.

Mayhem played several festivals in Europe this past summer and will play a special club show in Budapest on October 5.

In August, Mayhem bassist Jørn Stubberud (a.k.a. Necrobutcher) said “I think that we are not a traditional band in that matter, that we make an album every year and then do a tour with that. ‘Cause we don’t feel it’s necessary to do that — we do an album when we feel like doing an album.

“It’s true — all the guys have some other projects also; like Hellhammer has Arcturus, Attila has Void Ov Voice and Sunn O))). It takes time to come up with some good stuff, and we don’t wanna rush anything. But we are now, actually, working on some new stuff.

“It’s very hard to say [when the next CD will be released], but we are currently working on some new material and we have a plan to do something that will kick us in the ass a little bit. It’s too long a story to go into that [right now]…We’re waiting for the right inspiration, but having a blast in the meantime, too — travelling around the world and playing.”

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