Metallica To Start Tracking New Songs Soon


And by soon, we mean in the next couple of months.

That’s at least what Kirk Hammett claims.

He says Metallica will enter the studio “in the next couple of months” to begin work on its next full-length album, tentatively due in 2014.

See? Just like I said. A couple of months.

I bet that means 2014.

“We just filmed a 3D movie up in Vancouver,” says Kirk. “That’s been at the forefront of our attention right now. We’ve been dealing with the audio aspect of that and pretty soon we’re going to start seeing footage from the concert. Once that particular project kind of dies down and we complete what we need to do with that, then we’re going to start writing songs. We’re going to meet up and start throwing ideas together.

“That should be really, really interesting. I’m really looking forward to that. What’s not going to be so fun is going through all the musical ideas that we have. I’m not really good at editing myself because I think it’s all good. To be more thorough on that, though, I foresee us starting to get together fairly soon, like in the next couple of months. We’ll start hammering away on it.”

I bet it’s almost as good as Load.

I guess they’ll be releasing it on that new label they’ve just formed?

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