Nachtmystium Frontman Talks Side Project Hate Meditation

Blake Judd

I think Blake Judd’s one of the more talented dudes in metal today. I know I’m one of many to think this way, but he really does prove that you don’t have to follow trends to gain respect in music.

I’m happy for Blake and Nachtmystium’s success, and am literally rabid for Twilight’s forthcoming disc.

Now, it seems Judd’s trying to become the next Mike Patton.

He went on Facebook last night to talk about his side project, Hate Meditation.

“This week, after literally ten years of writing music for this, I will finally begin recording the debut album for my side project, Hate Meditation,” says Blake.

“I am looking forward to making the ugliest, most savage record I will have ever attempted making,” he vows. That’s a seriously bold statement dude.

“Label and release announcement coming soon. Expect something that fuses the chaos of Beherit, Von, and Ildjarn interwoven with ultra slow, crushing funeral doom a la Worship, all with a unique twist of its own. I have high hopes that this album will ruin your day.”


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