Navajo Witch Are A Southern Sludge Treasure

Navajo Witch

Do you like a great sludge metal band? Excellent! Click this link, download this free album, and hit play.

Navajo Witch are a three piece sludge band from Johnson City, Tennessee. In the tradition of Down, Eyehategod, and Acid Bath, these fellows produce sounds and riffs that would make Tony Iommi go from six to midnight. They turn riffs that have been classic Delta blues “go-tos” since the breach of the New Orleans levies into crusted out, crunchy, fat, ever-loving, bass-heavy explosions of Southern angst.

What grooves heavier than that?

They even extensively use the wah pedal in a non-superfluous manner. Most guitarists follow the Kerry King school of wah-pedal thought and basically just wiggle their fingers over random frets and let their wah do the work of making lots of noise really fast. It’s cool every now and then, but that wah noodling technique can get irritating.

The guitarist in Navajo Witch, Allen Keith, uses it to compliment some of his tastier licks, giving it a somewhat sassy accent. A southern twahng, if you will.

If you’ve been lacking music with some pretty powerful, steady drumming, Navajo Witch is what’s been missing. It would be sick if they incorporated some Native American drumming techniques into their music, though, with their name being Navajo Witch and all.

So like this band on Facebook, download their album Skin Walker, and allow Navajo Witch to cast a spell on you.

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