Nightwish Singer Pops Out Second Child

Nightwish songstress Anette Olzon

There’s a new addition to the symphonic metal family: a young infant born on Friday to Nightwish frontwoman Anette Olzon and her bassist boyfriend Johan Husgafvel, who slaps his tool for Pain. And pleasure. I’m just assuming.

The baby, which seemingly hasn’t been given a proper name yet, is Anette’s second. She has an 8-year-old named Seth with her ex-husband. Apparently, Olzon was in labor for a minute.

“We have tried to get him out the natural way since Tuesday and used different methods, but like with my first son, I didn’t get enough strong contractions so it was decided to finally get him out through a C-section,” Olzon explains. I applaud this move, as it keeps the vagina nice and tight. I think C-sections should be mandatory. Anyways, I digress.

“We all are just fine but still in the hospital where we are resting and just being so happy to have this beautiful and precious boy with us. Life is so wonderful and I am so, so happy and just floating with joy.”

Across a magical field bursting with blue flowers that’s home to pink unicorns and purple butterflies…broad must still be on some painkillers. Now that the baby is born, Nightwish can get back to recording an album I won’t listen to. They begin tracking the thing on October 15 and will release it late in 2011.

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