Opeth Frontman Talks Band’s New Direction



In a new interview with Therés Stephansdotter of Rocksverige.se, Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth basically claim that if you didn’t like Heritage and don’t dig on Pale Communion (out today), you’re probably not going to like future releases.

Says Mikael:

“The best way for me to write is always to just write the stuff that I want to hear myself. I’m pretty headstrong, so a few negative reactions to ‘Heritage’ didn’t push me in any way. That album started something new.

“Every record feels like part of a chain. We wouldn’t have done ‘Heritage’ without the previous records and the same is true of ‘Pale Communion’. I sat down and wrote the songs like I did for ‘Heritage’ and the one before that.

“’Heritage’ rejuvenated the band a little bit and I could see a way to continue doing this band without focusing on what we’re known for. We’d done that for so many records that I was a bit fed up with it. Now we have a future and ‘Pale Communion’ is the continuation of that.”

I dig Pale Communion. Really I do. But I like prog rock. And that’s what Opeth are now. They’re not death metal, but death prog.

The sooner you get used to that, the better off we’ll all be.

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  • P-ST0LER0

    Death Prog…, that new. And Pale Communion is pretty good. I see it’s getting very bad reactions in other sites. But, I like it.