Rage Against The Machine Reissue To Come In Various Versions

Rage Against The Machine

The other day, we told you all about the Rage Against The Machine box set that’s coming.

The box commemorates the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut. Called XX, the box set’s price has been lowered by more than $30 bucks and you can read more about it here.

Now, the band’s announced that it will be releasing a remastered standard 1-CD 20th Anniversary Edition of the disc, and a 2-CD/1-DVD 20th Anniversary Special Edition.

The track listings for both follow at the end of this post.

Meanwhile, the DVD includes an abridged version of content from one of the DVD’s included in the box set edition of the release.

It will feature music videos and live footage.

Disc 1 – (Included in the standard 20th Anniversary Edition and 20th Anniversary Special Edition):

1 – “Bombtrack”

2 – “Killing In The Name”

3 – “Take The Power Back”

4 – “Settle For Nothing”

5 – “Bullet In The Head”

6 – “Know Your Enemy”

7 – “Wake Up”

8 – “Fistful Of Steel”

9 – “Township Rebellion”

10 – “Freedom”

11 – “Bombtrack” (Live, Taken From “Bombtrack” Single)

12 – “Bullet In The Head” (Live, Taken From “Bullet In The Head” Single)

13 – “Take The Power Back” (Live, Taken From “Freedom” Single)

Disc 2 – (“The Original Demos“) (20th Anniversary Special Edition and Box Set only):

1 – “Bombtrack”

2 – “Take The Power Back”

3 – “Bullet In The Head”

4 – “Darkness Of Greed”

5 – “Clear The Lane”

6 – “Township Rebellion”

7 – “Know Your Enemy”

8 – “Mindset’s A Threat”

9 – “Killing In The Name”

10 – “Auto Logic”

11 – “The Narrows”

12 – “Freedom”

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