Sweden’s Carnivore Change Name

She likes Peter Steele

That’s right, my childrens.

This is kind of overdue, if you ask me — but cool that they took it upon themselves to change their name, and not waited for the inevitable lawsuit.

Basically, Carnivore have changed their name to Erupted. The Swedish metal band was using the same name as late Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele’s side project.

The band — which first formed last year — changed their name basically because of Steele’s band.

“Back when we picked the band name, we actually had not heard of the earlier Carnivore, and once we did, we guessed that a local band using the name really couldn’t be such a big deal,” says vocalist Daniel Ocic Sundberg.

“We didn’t expect the promo to get us signed or that we would get a chance to actually record a full-length. But, as things have worked out far beyond our imagination, we want you to wave goodbye to Växjö’s Carnivore and give Erupted a brutal fucking welcome!! Same shit, new name.”

I actually like Carnivore better, but Erupted works too. Makes me think of jizzing, though, which is weird.

Erupted will enter the studio in December to record its full-length debut for Abyss Records. The album will be in stores sometime in 2012.

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  • Gud

    Great.. whenever we do something as a band I will now think of you jizzing.. Hopefully I will be able to change it to the thought strain ”The girl in the pic-sex-awesome” instead^^
    // Daniel