The Secret: The Best Thing From Italy Since Ufomammut

The Secret

Southern Lord is one of my favorite labels. They consistently release underground metal other labels wouldn’t fuck with in America. And now, they’ve aligned themselves with Italian metal quartet The Secret.

Another band with a name that’s genuinely whack. When I hear The Secret, it reminds me of my ex. She practiced The Secret, the unscientific theory that if you put good energy out there, you will get the things in life you desire. It’s a load of fucking horse shit, if you ask me. The notion that, by pretending and thinking I’m already rich, I will become rich? Maybe I don’t understand The Secret fully, but its basically, in short, the power of positive thinking.

So, not sure why these dudes went with The Secret, but damn, they are vicious. They’ve got an album called Solve Et Coagula due in stores September 28. They’re brutal, people. They crush, with psychotic, painful vocals, and drums and guitars that stop on a dime. They’ve also got some twisted blastbeats on this record. Its no wonder Converge’s Kurt Ballou got involved with this dudes, producing the disc.

I’ve only heard a few tracks, and can not wait to hear the rest of the album. I’m also hopeful they’ll tour the states, because this is the kind of thing I have to see live. If they can pull it off, they may just become my new favorite band. I would definitely say that if you’re into Converge or Dillinger Escape Plan, you’ll be down with The Secret.

Oh, and just because its the weekend and I am feeling generous, here’s a beautiful honey to end your Friday with. Enjoy. And you can see more of her — including nudies — at Egotastic.

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