Whitechapel Singer Doesn’t Get Skrillex


Who does? The appeal of an artist (and I use that phrase loosely) like Skrillex boggles this writer’s mind.

The fact that he’s a Grammy nominee, and that thousands of chicks want to coat his face with their vagina juice, makes me so mad, I just want to punch myself in the face.

Whitechapel frontman Phil Bozeman was in Asbury Park this weekend, playing the Bamboozle Festival, and got his first taste of Skrillex.

“I heard Skrillex for the first time tonight,” Bozeman Tweeted. “Good for him for getting big on what he does, but I don’t get it.”

I’m with you, dude. We need to talk to your bandmate, Alex Wade, who also Tweeted about the dude with the dyke haircut.

“Ok. Skrillex live is unbelievable. I mean, I’m not into dub step, but his production is on a level of its own. It’s beyond insane,” Wade writes.

Come on, Wade. Skrillex is lame. Super ultra lame.

Whitechapel have a new self-titled album that will be in stores through Metal Blade on June 19.

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  • Quit Whining

    Skrillex is lame, so is Whitechapel. The question should be which one is the lamest? The generic chugga chugga breakdown band? Or the talentless crapstep DJ?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NSSE3VJE4YVIMYLRCETOGU3XZI Keith

      lol ok