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Necromancing The Stone

Arsis, The Absence Members Form New Band

And that band's brilliant name is Necromancing the Stone. Get it? If you do, you're old. Like me. Necromancing The Stone boasts Arsis … read more


xSPONGEXCOREx? This, You’ve Gotta Hear

Maybe I’m way late on this, and if so, tell me. But today was my first day experiencing xSPONGEXCOREx. A straight-edge band based out of Troy, New … read more


Motörhead’s Lemmy Making Lifestyle Changes

The health of Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister has been foremost on my mind since last year, when dude suffered a haematoma and had to be fitted … read more

Aaron's plane is fucked

Staind Frontman OK After Airplane Mishap

Are Staind a metal band? Fuck no. But that first Staind album was tough as nails. And really, there are a lot of people who probably consider … read more


Rammstein: No Touring, New Album Plans

Rammstein are, for all intents and purposes, taking a break from being a band. It’s about time. Take as long a break as you need, guys. It’s all … read more

Dave Lombardo

Former Slayer Drummer Knocks Band’s New Material

Ex-Slayer and current Philm and Fantômas drummer Dave Lombardo says you shouldn’t get the next Slayer record. 
Well, duh! He tells this site … read more


Bellum Members Talk Shit On DevilDriver

I like when bands talk shit about DevilDriver. I, myself, talk shit about DevilDriver on an almost monthly basis, so, I feel a kinship with groups … read more


Korn To Play Self-Titled LP At 20th Anniversary Shows

Isn't this just some fucking amazing fucking news to turn that shitty Saturday of yours right fucking around. Korn will be playing their … read more


Gwar Issue Press Release On New Members

Gwar today issued a press release on its newest members, Blothar and Vulvatron. Here's the presser, since I don't have a lot of time and it is … read more

Cannibal Corpse

Russian Religious Leader Abhors Cannibal Corpse

It would have been a better headline with the word "Adores" but, hey...Cannibal Corpse isn't everyone's cup of tea. In fact, they're more like a … read more


Ethereal Riffian

Under The Radar: Ethereal Riffian

Old Wounds

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With Old Wounds’ Brandon Gallagher

Human Ruin

Funerals Exclusive Song Stream: “Human Ruin”

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