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Cavalera Conspiracy

Cavalera Conspiracy, Death Angel To Tour

Max Cavalera is coming to a neighborhood near you this spring. That’s if your live in a neighborhood in the United States. If you don’t, I both … read more

Onwardwith Love

Cynic’s Masvidal Forms New Side Project

As you see in the attached photo, Cynic vocalist and guitarist Paul Masvidal becomes Paul Maskedvidal in a new project he’s formed. The group … read more


Meshuggah Book California Shows

This also got announced while I was working. I am always working, people. My life is one never-ending workday, and I’ve fucking had it. So, … read more

Some dude's arm was burned

People Allegedly Scalded During Antemasque Gig

Antemasque, the band boasting Mars Volta members Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, may be in hot water after playing a show in New … read more


Nile Still Tracking Next Record

If you read this site every day or every other day, then you already know that Nile has been working in a recording studio on a brand spankin' new … read more

Go if you can

Insomnium Announce North American Run

So, as soon as I’m finished writing this post about Insomnium’s summer tour of North America, I’ll be heading out into the snow that continues to pelt … read more

Aimee Osbourne

Ozzy’s Other Daughter Releases Bloody Video

Before today, I only kind of knew that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne had another kid. I remember reading somewhere when “The Osbournes” first started … read more


Behemoth’s Nergal Working On Solo Project

This was bound to happen eventually. I mean, there is Behemoth and then, there is Nergal. Adam Darski has become as big if not bigger than … read more

Terry Butler

Obituary Bassist Launches New Band

Terry Butler, the more than capable bassist for Obituary, has a new band he’s working with. The former Death bassist has re-teamed with Ed Webb, … read more


Update Offered On Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson

By now, you should have read the sad news that Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden has a cancerous tumor on the back of his tongue, for which he is seeking … read more



Guest Column: Four Books You Need To Read By Shredhead

Chris Milos

Guest Column: Three Books You Need To Read By Mass Punishment’s Chris Milos


Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By In The Company Of Serpents

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