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Metallica Playing BlizzCon

I've never Conned before. Cons have come and gone here in New York City, and I've given no fucks at all. Metallica will be performing live at … read more

Job For A Cowboy

Listen To A New Job For A Cowboy Tune — Right Now!

The new Job For A Cowboy album arrived in my inbox for download this morning. Have I listened to it yet? No. This new At The Gates joint has my … read more


Skindred Signs With Napalm

OK. This is interesting news, insomuch as I have no idea who's going to actually care. But, Skindred have signed a worldwide deal with Napalm … read more

The Exodish

Exodus Inspires Culinary Creation

The new Exodus album is in stores now, and a chef from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has created a culinary offering inspired by the long-runnig thrash … read more

Ivan's moody

Five Finger Death Punch Frontman Plots Solo Release

Isn’t it bad enough we have to hear the dude’s voice whenever Five Finger Death Punch releases an album? Now we’ve gotta put up with solo material … read more


Erra Signs With Sumerian

That’s right, kids. Sumerian Records has announced the signing of Erra. They’re also a band I can’t get into. But look, I can’t be into … read more


Skeletonwitch Address Frontman’s Tour Departure

We were the first ones to report on this the other night, but now, Skeletonwitch have officially confirmed in a statement that vocalist Chance … read more

Evan Brewer

Evan Brewer Leaves The Faceless; Drummer Out, Too

This should not come as a surprised to anyone, but yes...bassist Evan Brewer has vacated The Faceless. He announced his departure late last night, … read more

Inked In Blood

Obituary’s New Album Streaming Online

The new album from Obituary can now be streamed using the player that appears at the end of this post like magic. Actually, it’s just some HTML … read more

Black Widow

In This Moment Release New Video

The video for "Sick Like Me" -- the new single from Maria Brink who is for all intents and purposes In This Moment -- follows at the end of this … read more



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Don Slater’s Pork Chop Express: Better Late Than Never!


Hideous Divinity Exclusive Video Premiere: “Cobra Verde”

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