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Atreyu Plot Next Album

Say it ain’t so, Joe. Fuck, man. That band Atreyu, who I was fairly convinced was old news, has decided to return from its hiatus, with plans … read more


The Deftones Return To The Studio

The Deftones are one of my favorite bands. I haven't hated a single note of theirs. In fact, I think the band's output has been flawless -- it's … read more


Exodus Fan Cleared After Posting Lyrics Online

It’s about fucking time, man. That 31-year-old Kentucky man who was arrested for posting the lyrics to Exodus’s song “Class Dismissed (A Hate … read more


Ghost Selling New Watch

They made dildos -- why not a watch? Because really, you need to know what time it is when you’re fucking yourself. They’ve made just 150 of them … read more

Elton John called. He wants his suit back.

Stone Sour Covers Album In The Works

Great. Just what the world needs. A cover album from Stone Sour. Super. It'll be called Meanwhile In Burbank and drums for it are now … read more

Napalm Death

Napalm Death Name New Album

The new one from British grindcore legends Napalm Death will be released on January 27, 2015. The band's 15th studio album, Apex Predator - Easy … read more

Gene Hoglan

Gene Hoglan: Still Awesome

A little while after my last write up about Gene Hoglan, I had the awesome opportunity to speak with him on the phone. Almost a year to the day since … read more

Mikey Sawyer

Let’s Play Guess The Charges With Miss Fortune’s Mikey Sawyer

It’s time once again kids to play America’s favorite game -- Guess the Charges. This week’s featured arrest is of a dude named Mikey. Yeah, … read more

Chason Westmoreland

Hate Eternal Get New Drummer

Florida-based extreme metal act Hate Eternal have added drummer Chason Westmoreland to the group’s ranks. The Las Vegas native has already laid … read more


Unleashed Recording New Disc

That’s right, folks. Swedish death metal outfit Unleashed have entered a recording studio to begin tracking their 12th full-length album. The … read more



Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With The Banner’s Joey Southside

Convent Guilt

Guest Column: Three Books You Need To Read By Convent Guilt’s Ian Belshaw

dustin big

Dustin Boltjes’ Vault Of Violence: Part 3

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