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This album came out last week

Album Sales Hit New Low, According To Report is reporting that last week’s overall album sales were lower than ever before. I blamed DragonForce. Only 3.97 million records … read more


Video: Trailer Posted For Gwar Documentary

A Gwar documentary is coming out soon, folks. And a trailer for the movie follows at the end of this post. It’s sad, to hear Dave Brockie’s … read more

Looking good, Geoff. Good-looking Geoff

Geoff Tate: Still Talkin’ Shit

I keep wondering when Geoff Tate’s going to stop talking shit about Queensrÿche and stop bragging about his legal settlement. Kind of reminds me of … read more


Here’s Exmortus Riffing The National Anthem

I have heard many other countries’ “theme songs,” as it were. Many are quite beautiful. Most, though, are unlistenable dreck. But none has … read more


Goatwhore: More U.S. Shows Booked

I feel like the dudes in Goatwhore haven’t seen their homes since 2013. Is it me, or have the Goatwhore guys been busting ass all year, touring the … read more

Mikael Åkerfeldt

Åkerfeldt Says Opeth Is Still Metal

Despite their most recent albums sounding nothing like the extreme metal stylings their fans had fallen in love with them for, Opeth’s Mikael … read more

Fall In Love With The World

Yes, Genesis Members Guest On United Progressive Fraternity Disc

This news here is mostly for my dad. And anyone else who digs prog rock, as I do. It’s in my blood, folks. So, InsideOutMusic have announced the … read more

Sean Riley

Bloodiest Guitarist Arrested After Fatal Crash

It sucks this week to be Sean Riley, the 33-year-old guitarist for Chicago metal band Bloodiest. Dude was collared earlier this week for allegedly … read more

Pentagram's Liebling

Pentagram Tour Announced

Man, this is fucking great news to report. Doom metal outfit Pentagram have announced a spate of shows for this October and November. They will … read more

Napalm Death

Satyricon Out Of Housecore Horror Fest; Napalm Death, Origin In

Satyricon have been forced, regretably, to drop off of the bills for both the Knotfest and the Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin. A … read more



Guest Column: Three Movies You Need To See By Gravehill’s Mike Abominator

Valhalla Rising

Readers’ Bands: Valhalla Rising Are Rough And Raw


Guest Column: Five Albums That Will Change You By Bloodsoaked’s Peter Hasselbrack

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