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Maruta Book Studio Time

That’s right, kids. That band Maruta will be touring for the last half of May. But once that tour’s a wrap, they’ve got plans to hit a recording … read more

Sworn Enemy

Sworn Enemy To Tour

I feel like I’ve been out of touch since arriving here in Worcester. That’s because I have hardly used my computer. Today’s the first chance I am … read more

Black Breath

Black Breath, Mutilation Rites To Tour

Oh man. As I write this, I am not hungover, but my stomach and brain definitely don’t feel right. I drank many shots last night with Matt from … read more


Mastodon’s Dailor Channels Phil Collins On New Disc

When I think Phil Collins, I think annoying. The dude just annoys me. He’s always squinting, like someone’s flashing a light in his face, and his … read more

Siren Charms

In Flames Reveal New Album Art

I’m currently in Worcester, Massachusetts, about to head into the third and final day of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. What a fest … read more

Tumbleweed Dealer

Readers’ Bands: Tumbleweed Dealer Are Dope

And really, I think one needs a big old bag of dope to fucking relax with while listening to these dudes. Their music almost demands you be … read more

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie Working On New Music

Fucking just great! When will this man stop with the music? The last two records he’s released were worse than the Holocaust. Who cares … read more

That's dope

Gwar Release Brockie Tribute T-Shirt

Gwar have launched an official tribute tee to their late frontman Dave Brockie (better known by his stage name, Oderus Urungus). Brockie passed … read more


Primordial Releasing New Album In November

The new one from Irish pagan metal masters Primordial will be out this November. It’s called Where Greater Men Have Fallen and will be issued by … read more


Max Cavalera Talks About His Crazy Drug Days

Soulfly and Killer Be Killed frontman Max Cavalera has been doing a lot of press as of late to promote the English release of his autobiography, “My … read more



Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With Aborted’s Sven de Caluwé

A New Code of Morality

Twitch Of The Death Nerve Exclusive Song Stream: “The Repercussions of Fetus Consumption”


Under The Radar: Snakedriver

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