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Gigan, Pyrrhon Announce Tour

Now this is one, I’ll be ultra pissed if I miss. I usually forget bands are coming through town. Until, like, the day of the show, and very often, … read more

Jesse, doing his thing

Video: Killswitch Engage Frontman Joins Code Orange On Stage

The following video is cool shit. Not only does it feature Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage (who wrote a new column this week you should read) but … read more


Converge Rejoined By Cave In Frontman During Live Set

Converge were rejoined by their former bassist Stephen Brodsky last night when the band performed the Deathwish Fest in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I … read more


Puya To Release Live Album

Remember Puya? Chances are you don’t. Puya are a Puerto Rican metal band who were somewhat popular during my college days in the late … read more


Deicide, Marduk To Tour North America?

If ThePRP is to be believed, Deicide, Marduk, Septicflesh and Carach Angren will reportedly tour North American together this winter. Dates for the … read more

All That Remains

All That Remains Tease New Tune

All That Remains have been in a recording studio as of late, working on material for their next album. Today, Phil Labonte, who fronts the band, … read more

Damned Creed

Readers’ Bands: Let’s Meet Greek Metal Act Damned Creed

Believe it or not, you are not alone. You are like many people around the globe: You’re a reader of this very site, and you’re awesome for … read more


Beyond Creation Detail Sophomore LP

Canadian technical death metal outfit Beyond Creation have debuted a new cut off of their sophomore album. Listen to the new song “Elusive … read more

Devil You Know

Devil You Know Sculpting New Songs

They literally just released their debut a couple of months ago, and already, Howard Jones -- formerly of Killswitch Engage -- and his new band Devil … read more


Locrian Finish Tracking New Album

The recording process for Locrian’s new album has wrapped. Some of you will no doubt be pleased by this news. The band recorded the as-yet … read more


Dead In The Dirt

Under The Radar: Dead In The Dirt

Jesse Leach's Check Your Head

Jesse Leach’s Check Your Head: Dealing With It


Don Slater’s Pork Chop Express: An Introduction

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