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System of a Down

System Of A Down Announce April Shows

System of a Down, a band that hasn't released a lick of new music in fucking years, will be going out on tour in April. But they're only playing … read more

Michael Keene

The Faceless Book Pair Of Shows

Perhaps The Faceless is closer to being whole again than any of us thinks. The band -- which just lost its bassist and drummer, leaving two … read more

Lucy Liu

CBS Schools Your Parents On Carcass, Goatwhore

Check out the clip that follows at the end of this post. It’s from an American television show called “Elementary,” and in all likelihood, your … read more


Curse You Dave Grohl!

Tacky Christmas sweaters are a smash these days and rightfully so. Let's enjoy a reason to hang out with all of our friends freezing in a garage … read more


Antagonist Hit The Studio For Next Opus

That’s correct, sirs. The band known as Antagonist has entered a recording studio to commit fresh tuneage to tape. The band’s next release will … read more

John Dolmayan

System Of A Down’s Drummer Is Fucking Annoying

What the fuck is up with you, John Dolmayan? Lately, your texts make about as much sense as System of a Down’s hiatus. I mean, why the fuck … read more


The Deftones Still Writing New Material

I’ve extolled the virtues of the Deftones on this site many times before. In my estimation, they’re one of the best bands to have ever formed, and … read more


Death To All Rips Vancouver To Pieces

Earlier in the week I was preparing myself for a couple of tremendous metal nights in Vancouver. I was geared up to check out Devin Townsend with … read more


From Autumn To Ashes To Reunite?

Hmmm. So, it seems Long Island’s From Autumn To Ashes -- whose first album was pure brilliance -- have a Twitter account that’s been active as of … read more

Searching For Zero

Cancer Bats Sign Deal With Metal Blade

Any Cancer Bats fans in the house? Frankly, I don’t get what’s so goddamned special about them, but people seem to dig Cancer Bats. The group … read more



Lord Dying’s Tour Diary: Meeting Mr. & Mrs. Meth And Getting Black Tusk Tats

A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin

Astrakhan Exclusive Song Stream: “Blinded By The Diamond Planet”


Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Fleshworld’s Kuba Leszko

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