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You be the judge

Online Game Tests Your Drum-Face Recognition

Need something to break up the monotony of another work day? Go here, then. Play everyone’s favorite new online game...Cumming or Drumming. … read more

Simon and Nathan

I Am Heresy Guitarist Battling Heroin Addiction

This, in two words, fucking sucks. Boysetsfire has revealed that Simon Gray -- the guitarist for I Am Heresy and son of Boysetsfire frontman Nathan … read more


Venom Detail Next LP

I hope you're not a fucking wimp. Because if you are, you apparently won't be able to handle the forthcoming album from Venom. It's called From … read more


Metallica Secure Spate Of European Festival Gigs

If you're a Metallica fan and live in Europe, I have some great fucking news for you. Metallica will be playing throughout Europe (and Russia) this … read more

Vin shows us the boozer

Drunk Driver Puts Acacia Strain Tour In Peril

The Acacia Strain's van may not be able to go the distance, folks. For the dense, that means the remainder of the dates on the band's current trek … read more

Chris Broderick

Chris Broderick Quits Megadeth

Megadeth's just like an older version of the Faceless at this point. Guitarist Chris Broderick has become the second member to leave Megadeth … read more

Shawn Drover

Shawn Drover Quits Megadeth

Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover has quit the band. He has issued the following statement on the move: "After 10 years, I have decided to quit … read more


Refused Book Festival Gigs

The return of Refused is very real, people. The progressive punk act have three festival appearances cemented for 2015, which lends even more … read more


Trivium To Start Writing For Next LP

Man, I knew something super shitty was going to happen this week. I just figured ISIS would somehow be involved. I do mean those terrorist … read more

The Black Dahlia Murder

Stream The Black Dahlia Murder’s New EP

It won't be out officially for a couple more days, but you can now stream the Black Dahlia Murder's new covers EP at the end of this post. The … read more


Persona Grata

Readers’ Bands: And Now, The Progressive Rock Stylings Of Persona Grata

Kairon; IRSE!

Under The Radar: Kairon; IRSE!


Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Septycal Gorge’s Marco Lasano

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