Hammer Fight Tour Blog: The Ham Has Been Sunk…

Todd, Drew, and Justin trying out the Iron Maiden "Trooper" beer in Philly

Todd, Drew, and Justin trying out the Iron Maiden beer

New Jersey thrash rock outfit Hammer Fight are on tour, wasting heads and getting wasted along the way. The band’s keeping a road journal for us. Here now is the third installment; peep the first here and the second here.

Day 1 — Philadelphia, PA

Daily Quote of the Day: “Dude, you’re tunnel buddies with Phil Anselmo…”

First off, we would like to apologize for the delay in posting the latest journal entry. We have been having very bad luck with the power outlets in our van and Wi-Fi.

Ninja not spilling his beer on the nice couch

Ninja not spilling his beer on the nice couch

So our first show of the tour at the M-Room in Philly was fucking awesome! All the bands rocked the house and the crowd was sick. We couldn’t have asked for a better send-off show.

After that we went down the street to a bar called Gunner’s Run with some buddies. We got extra shitty on some craft beers and got our first taste of the Iron Maiden beer. It was pretty good, but expensive as fuck. Try it.

Next, off to our friend Mike’s place where we were crashing. A bottle of scotch, a bottle of absinthe and 100 beers later, we discovered I tend to say highly inappropriate things to women when I’m blacked out.

Richmond adventures

Richmond adventures

Day 2 — Richmond, VA

Daily Quote of the Day: “Unleashing the Cum Thirsty…”

After Ninja (Justin, our drummer) ate two cheese steaks for breakfast, we hopped in the van and spent the entire day in traffic on the way to Richmond. Hours later we met up with our buddy Will and his band Cremains at their jam spot. Commence boozing.

Tonight’s show is a “house show”.

Ninja sleeping on the filthiest floor possible

Ninja sleeping on the filthiest floor possible

For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it literally means a show at someone’s house. And they’re always awesome. This one was no exception. All the bands and the entire crowd were the best people. We rocked the house, the crowd raged hard, and then we hit the bar and went for the high score. Things start to get real hazy at this point.

According to Ryan (Guitarist) after I (Drew) passed out, Ryan, Ninja, and Todd continued taking shots at the bar, until a round of Tequila came around. Ninja immediately vomited and passed out on the staircase.

Ryan and Todd continued to drink while Todd was gambling with some other people at the bar, and Ryan decided to blast Wu-Tang over the PA and rapped his face off until everyone passed out.

Ryan's shirt will DEFINITELY get him laid...

Ryan’s shirt will DEFINITELY get him laid…

Day 3 — Chesapeake, VA

Daily Quote of the Day: “You know we’re going to beat the fucking shit out of you, right?”

So we wake up at the house, and Todd is missing. Not unusual.

We have a lunch date later in the day with a buddy of ours, so we decide to just pack up and find Todd when we’re done. But of course we have even bigger problems now, the van is also missing.

Todd sleeping on the dog bed

Todd sleeping on the dog bed

So we’re pretty fucked at this point. All we have to do now is think of ways to assault Todd when we see him. Several hours later Todd wakes up in the van somewhere and gets a hold of us.

But by now every street in Richmond is closed for a fucking marathon. Several more hours go by and we can finally get the van back to the house. We have to thank all the awesome folks at the house for letting us loiter all day.

Fast forward to later tonight. The show tonight was a full on rager. More awesome bands, cool people, and good times. The party continues at our friend Andrew’s house. Andrew plays drums for a band called Waiting Mortuary and is a full blown lunatic. Dude has a bright future as a talented Vibe Tech. Anyway, Andrew broke the seal on our fart jar (yes, that’s correct), and it seemed to really bum him out. The standard post-show black-out was soon to follow.

Justin, Drew, and our new "Vibe Tech" Andrew from Waiting Mortuary. Drinking breakfast...

Justin, Drew, and our new “Vibe Tech” Andrew from Waiting Mortuary. Drinking breakfast…

Day 4 – Raleigh, NC

Daily Quote of the Day: “Never spray keyboard cleaner on your nipples.”

It’s bloody marys and burritos for breakfast in Virginia Beach. We fuckin’ love this town. Ryan sat out on the boozing so he could drive while the rest of us chased Jameson shots with habenero sauce. Fun stuff, kids. Most of us were passed out for the ride to Raleigh.

Slim’s in Raleigh is a fun little dive bar to play. Just two bands tonight. Kind of a slow evening, but we still had a fucking blast. Hit a bar called the Flying Saucer afterward and crashed in the van.

Bloodies, whiskey shots, and burritos in Virginia Beach

Bloodies, whiskey shots, and burritos in Virginia Beach

And here’s where you can catch the rest of the tour:

11/19: Columbus, OH @ The Shrunken Head
11/20: Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
11/21: Akron, OH @ Annabelle’s Lounge
11/22: Erie, PA @ The Beer Mug
11/23: Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint

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