Ozzy Osbourne’s Mansion Suffers Massive Flood Damage

Ozzy Osbourne

The manse in Buckinghamshire, England that Ozzy Osbourne calls home has been ravaged by flood waters, according to reports. It seems this has been one of the U.K.’s rainiest winters, and Ozzy’s house, located on seven acres, estate, is in one of the hardest hit areas of the country. The home now requires millions in […]

Car Hits Black Breath Drummer

Black Breath

This is crazy, considering a lady nearly backed over me today, and I had to call her out for being a cunt. Black Breath drummer Jamie Byrum was hit by a car yesterday in Seattle. It sounds like it’s pretty bad. Says the band: “Our drummer Jamie … stayed the night in the hospital. He’s […]

All That Remains Frontman Turns Accident Response Into Fourth Amendment Rights Rant

Phil Labonte

Oh Phil Labonte! Why must you politicize shit? 
 The tour bus All That Remains are touring in currently was involved in an accident Sunday morning going through New York. The damage was slight, but Labonte was none too happy with how the responding police officers handled the accident scene. “Bus just got hit by […]

Bleeding Through Total Trailer In Road Mishap

Marta from Bleeding Through

Like me, some higher power wishes Bleeding Through would just go fucking away, rather than go on some fucking goodbye tour. Horse. Shit. Just fucking go, dudes and lady with the impressive bosoms. While traveling to New Mexico for a stop on their shit show, Bleeding Through were involved in a vehicular mishap. As a […]

Trigger Effect Singer Dead


Nick Babeu, the vocalist for Montreal, Quebec-based tech punk band Trigger Effect, has died. His death, according to the band’s surviving members, was accidental. “We appreciate all of the kind words and actions we have heard and seen thus far,” says the band, adding a memorial will be announced in due time. “We love you, […]

Blaze Of Perdition Bassist Killed In Car Crash

A photo of the crash scene

This is some fucked up fucking news, for sure. Wojciech “Ikaroz” Janus, the 30-year-old bassist for Polish black metallers Blaze of Perdition, was killed this past Saturday in a car accident while the band was on tour in Austria. The bad news gets even worse: the group’s vocalist Pawel “Sonneillon” Marzec reportedly remains in critical […]

Annihilator Involved In Road Accident


This could have been bad. Annihilator’s mainman and guitarist Jeff Waters has issued the following update from the band’s current European headlining tour, and the news could be better. “After the show in Madrid [Spain] last night, we left at night for Barcelona,” he writes. “Jasmina [Vrcko, Jeff's fiancée] and I were sleeping in the […]

Periphery In Accident With Bus


Yup. They’re all seemingly fine, but yes, Periphery were in an accident. They were in their tour bus when a pick-up truck struck the bus. “To the dingus who just hit our bus with your retarded looking F150…,” writes frontman Spencer Sotelo. “Great job for delaying our day. #dinguskahn”

Killswitch Engage Drummer Returns To Duty


Justin Foley is back in business, folks. You may remember the Killswitch Engage drummer had been in a biking accident, and thus, was forced to miss some of the band’s gigs. Well, he’ll be missing no more shows going forward. He’s recovered from his injuries, and decided to share photographic evidence for us. As if […]

Sylosis Return Home After Hospital Stint

The band's destroyed RV

Man. Some of you people hate me today. I posted a “Breaking Bad”-related picture on Facebook today, and everyone freaked out on me. As if the picture I posted gives anything away in terms of how the ending went down, what led up to it, or the deeper meaning of where the ending takes place. […]