Man Killed By Semi Carting Mötley Crüe’s Gear

The 18-wheeler

Blabbermouth reports a 47-year-old man was killed Friday morning (August 15) in a collision with a semi-trailer truck hauling equipment for the Crüe. That’s Mötley Crüe, bitch. Michael Wayne Marsh’s vehicle apparently crashed with an 18-wheeler around 4:15 a.m. in the southbound lanes of I-65 at exit 280 in Jefferson County, Alabama. The 18-wheeler jackknifed, […]

Ex-At All Cost Frontman Hurt In Motorcycle Crash

Andrew Collins

Former At All Cost frontman Andrew Collins was in a serious motorcycle accident on Tuesday, and is currently in a coma, a representative disclosed late Friday. Andrew is currently the vocalist and bassist for the Austin, Texas-based band Vegatron. His family has put up a page for donations to help him with the expenses involved […]

Former Fear Factory Guitarist Raising Money For Medical Bills

Christian Olde Wolbers

Earlier this year, ex-Fear Factory guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers (Arkaea, Beowülf) was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Since then, he’s been unable to work and his medical bills have been stacking up. Hence, he’s launched a campaign to raise cash to help pay those expenses. He offers: “It’s been 6 months since my […]

Former God Forbid Drummer In Bad Truck Accident

Corey Pierce

I know what Corey Pierce has been through. First hand. I was in a car accident this one time years ago where the vehicle literally hurtled through the humid air, flipping three times over the oncoming lane of traffic. It must have looked insane from the side of the road. From the inside of the […]

No One Guitarist Found Dead

Bob and his wife

The lifeless body of Bob Bielarz was discovered this morning. Bob was the guitarist for nu metal outfit No One. His body has been missing since last Friday night, when he was involved in a fatal boating accident. Bielarz’ wife, Viengsavnh, and Jeremy Muzika also perished in the accident. That’s fucking sad shit. May they […]

No One Guitarist, Wife Missing After Boat Accident

Bob and his wife

I don’t have a boat. Not that I don’t want one, because I’d love a boat to ride around the Hudson River on. I just don’t have enough money for a boat’s upkeep and such. Hell, I barely have enough money for the car I’m driving. Such is the life of a metal blogger. Unless […]

Adrenaline Mob Involved In Accident

Adrenaline Mob

According to the usually-reliable Facebook, the members of Adrenaline Mob — featuring players from Disturbed, Symphony X, and Twisted Sister — have been in an accident. “We are sad to announce that the band has been in a serious accident yesterday traveling to Canada on the current Avenged Sevenfold/HellYeah tour. The band and crew are […]

Ozzy Osbourne’s Mansion Suffers Massive Flood Damage

Ozzy Osbourne

The manse in Buckinghamshire, England that Ozzy Osbourne calls home has been ravaged by flood waters, according to reports. It seems this has been one of the U.K.’s rainiest winters, and Ozzy’s house, located on seven acres, estate, is in one of the hardest hit areas of the country. The home now requires millions in […]

Car Hits Black Breath Drummer

Black Breath

This is crazy, considering a lady nearly backed over me today, and I had to call her out for being a cunt. Black Breath drummer Jamie Byrum was hit by a car yesterday in Seattle. It sounds like it’s pretty bad. Says the band: “Our drummer Jamie … stayed the night in the hospital. He’s […]

All That Remains Frontman Turns Accident Response Into Fourth Amendment Rights Rant

Phil Labonte

Oh Phil Labonte! Why must you politicize shit? 
 The tour bus All That Remains are touring in currently was involved in an accident Sunday morning going through New York. The damage was slight, but Labonte was none too happy with how the responding police officers handled the accident scene. “Bus just got hit by […]