Black Tusk Plan Memorials For Late Bassist

Black Tusk

The band Black Tusk will be hosting both a public and a private memorial service this Saturday for late bassist Jonathan Athon, who died last weekend from injuries he’d sustained in a motorcycle accident. Says the band: “We will be gathering from 4-8pm this Saturday, Nov. 15th in Franklin Square (across from Vinnies and Ghosttown […]

Black Tusk Bassist In Critical Condition

Black Tusk

Jonathan Athon, the bass player for Georgian metallers Black Tusk, was involved in a Friday night motorcycle accident in downtown Savannah, and is in an area hospital listed in critical condition. Athon was riding a 1981 Harley Sportster, which crashed into the driver’s side of an Acura SUV driven by an 85-year-old Savannah man. Athon […]

Decapitated Involved In Van Accident


This happens far too often to Decapitated. The band was involved in a serious van crash on Friday while on tour with Gwar and American Sharks. Decapitated’s van is fucked. The members? Fine. Said the band: “Decapitated was involved in a serious van accident on Friday afternoon on their way to a show in House […]

Staind Frontman OK After Airplane Mishap

Aaron's plane is fucked

Are Staind a metal band? Fuck no. But that first Staind album was tough as nails. And really, there are a lot of people who probably consider Staind a metal band. I am here to tell you they’re hard rock, at best. Regardless, Staind’s frontman Aaron Lewis was forced to cancel an appearance Saturday night […]

Ex-Otep Guitarist Lee Rios Dead


Former Speak No Evil and Otep guitarist Lee Rios is dead. The man passed away in Miami, Florida, just this Wednesday. Dude apparently died as a result of something he enjoyed: He was involved in a mountain biking accident. Friends and family of Rios are attempting to crowdfund $10,000 for his funeral expenses. Help out […]

Bloodiest Guitarist Arrested After Fatal Crash

Sean Riley

It sucks this week to be Sean Riley, the 33-year-old guitarist for Chicago metal band Bloodiest. Dude was collared earlier this week for allegedly striking and killing a pedestrian while driving intoxicated, according to Lambgoat. Bloodiest signed with Relapse Records in 2010 and released their debut with the label a year later. Riley was arrested […]

The Faceless Left Van-less After Moose Encounter


I can’t imagine what must go through your mind the second before the van you’re driving collides head-on with a moose, but I’ve gotta imagine it goes something like “Oh, fuck my life.” Guitarist Michael Keene says the van’s totaled. Sounds like they’re having a shitty tour. Says Keene: “Shortly after switching to a van, […]

Man Killed By Semi Carting Mötley Crüe’s Gear

The 18-wheeler

Blabbermouth reports a 47-year-old man was killed Friday morning (August 15) in a collision with a semi-trailer truck hauling equipment for the Crüe. That’s Mötley Crüe, bitch. Michael Wayne Marsh’s vehicle apparently crashed with an 18-wheeler around 4:15 a.m. in the southbound lanes of I-65 at exit 280 in Jefferson County, Alabama. The 18-wheeler jackknifed, […]

Ex-At All Cost Frontman Hurt In Motorcycle Crash

Andrew Collins

Former At All Cost frontman Andrew Collins was in a serious motorcycle accident on Tuesday, and is currently in a coma, a representative disclosed late Friday. Andrew is currently the vocalist and bassist for the Austin, Texas-based band Vegatron. His family has put up a page for donations to help him with the expenses involved […]

Former Fear Factory Guitarist Raising Money For Medical Bills

Christian Olde Wolbers

Earlier this year, ex-Fear Factory guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers (Arkaea, Beowülf) was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Since then, he’s been unable to work and his medical bills have been stacking up. Hence, he’s launched a campaign to raise cash to help pay those expenses. He offers: “It’s been 6 months since my […]