Watch Scott Ian’s Zombie Get Stamped Out On Walking Dead

Scott Ian

I am just watching “The Walking Dead” from last night right now, and so I will soon see Scott Ian’s character on the show get done in with a steel rod. Straight through the brain, mo. If you just wanna watch the face of Anthrax get killed by a little kid in the zombie show, […]

Air Date Revealed For Anthrax’s Guitarist’s “Walking Dead” Episode

Scott Ian, being transformed

Like most of us, Scott Ian is a fan of “The Walking Dead,” a popular show on AMC about life in the zombie apocalypse. Being the guitarist for Anthrax has special perks. For instance, when Scott Ian mentions he’s a fan of a show, he gets asked to come be part of it. “The Walking […]

Killswitch Engage, Anthrax: “Game Of Thrones” Songs Coming Next Month

Killswitch Engage

A while back, we all learned that both Anthrax and Killswitch Engage had entered recording studios to work on songs for HBO — tunes with a “Game of Thrones” theme. The good news is next month, HBO will release those songs — for free! “Catch The Throne: The Mixtape” will be released next month online. […]

Tenacious D Wins Metal Grammy

Brent and Brann on the red carpet

Fuck the Grammys in the fucking ear. Not only couldn’t the fuckers behind America’s lamest awards show actually come up with a list of nominees worth voting for in the Best Hard Rock and Metal Performance” category, they went and let Tenacious D — a joke band — win the prize this year. Tenacious D. […]

Anthrax’s Drummer Reveals New Song Titles


Charlie Benante has spoken with Revolver magazine about the new Anthrax disc, and let slip a few of the forthcoming record’s song titles. Anthrax have been in the studio as of late working in the follow-up to Worship Music. Benante says the band have recorded instrumentals for six songs with another fifteen tracks written and […]

Video: Anthrax Issues Studio Update


You should already know that Anthrax is working on a new album — the band’s first with guitarist Jon Donais, known for his work with Shadows Fall. Today, Anthrax released a new video clip from their ongoing recording sessions. According to the band’s publicist, Anthrax will continue to record over the next several weeks, working […]

Slayer, Queensrÿche Playing Rocklahoma


More than 600,000 fans attended last year’s Rocklahoma, which is held annually in — you guessed it! — Oklahoma. Will you be one of the thousands who attend this year? Oh, how I wonder. The lineup for this year’s Rocklahoma — to be staged at the “Catch The Fever” Festival Grounds in Pryor from May […]

Motor Sister To Release Metal Blade Debut

Motor Sister

So, this is an interesting story. A while back, for one of Scott Ian’s birthdays, he and his wife Pearl Aday hosted a jam session boasting John Tempesta of The Cult, Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera, and Mother Superior’s Jim Wilson and Daniel Lanois. Scott is a big fan of Mother Superior, and the gig […]

Quicksand Tour Doc Streaming Online


Man, do I miss the 1990s. It was a great decade for me. I went to high school and college during the ‘90s, so not only was I in tip top shape, I was nailing top notch fotch like there was no tomorrow. For me, it was a decade of amazing firsts, with experiences I […]

Metal Allegiance ShipRocked Roster Grows


More names have been added to the lineup for the upcoming Metal Allegiance sets during the 2015 ShipRocked Cruise. New to the list of performers are Mastodon bassist and vocalist Troy Sanders, Kill Devil Hill bassist Rex Brown and Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick. They join previously named Metal Allegiance participants like Phil Anselmo, Anthrax’s Scott […]