This Is The Last Time You’ll See The Words ‘King 810’ On This Site

King 810

I actually revile the very existence of King 810, the Michigan-based architects of gangsta metal. Which is why this will be the very last post you ever see about them here, on Frankly, folks, the ‘hood metal upstarts have proven — in mere months, mind you — that they’re simply a bunch of ignorant […]

King 810 Frontman Cleared In Beating Case

King 810

According to a posting on the Facebook page of the Flint, Michigan gangsta metal band everyone loves to hate, King 810, the case against the group’s vocalist David Gunn (formerly known as David Swan) has been dismissed. Bummer. Gunn was accused in the 2013 critical beating of a man outside of a bar in his […]

Body Count Frontman’s Grandson Arrested

Body Count

Who the hell knew Ice-T had a grandson? Not me. But I guess it makes sense. Ice isn’t some spring chicken, but dude…his grandson is 19. I didn’t think T was that old, for some reason. I mean, a 19-year-old grandson’s gotta mean Ice-T has at least one son or daughter in their late 30s, […]

King 810 Flaunt Recent Arrests

Sheeeeeeet, ninja

Like a 14-year-old running through a summer camp with the bra he managed to talk off a chick, King 810 have posted a picture online, basically verifying the arrests of singer David Gunn and bassist Eugene Gill. They must be so proud. Both goons were charged last week in the 2013 critical beating of a […]

King 810 Members Arrested For Assault


Well, I guess that’s it for gangsta metal outfit King 810. And I was really looking forward to making fun of them over the course of their long, illustrious career. Two members of the Flint, Michigan, band were arrested the other day in connection to the 2013 critical beating of a man outside a bar. […]

Blood Stands Still Frontman Busted

Blood Stands Still

And it was for something most men are basically taught time and again NOT to do as they’re growing up: He put his hands on a woman in anger. Eric Muniz, vocalist for Southern Californian hardcore act Blood Stands Still, was allegedly arrested last weekend for assaulting the unidentified woman. He was thrown in the […]

Lostprophets To Return With Ex-Thursday Singer?

Geoff Rickly

Rumors have been circulating as of late, claiming the members of Lostprophets who didn’t molest children or try to have sex with infants are pulling an As I Lay Dying, mounting a return under a different name with a different leader. That leader will be former Thursday frontman and all-around-nice guy Geoff Rickly, who was […]

Ex-New Found Glory Guitarist Brought Up On Battery Of Pervy Charges


Yes, I am well aware that New Found Glory’s a shitty punk band, but chances are some of you were fans at one point. Not all, some. And really, I just love bringing more exposure to stories like this. Stories involving perverts doing criminally perverse things. New Found Glory’s former guitarist Steven Klein is facing […]

Ian Watkins’ Ex Charged With Kiddie Porn Possession, Distribution

She deserves jail too

You know, I wrote a story a while back about Ian Watkins’ ex, a former escort known to have fucked the Lostprophets frontperv who answers to the name Joanne Mjadzelics (a.k.a. Joanna Majic). She gave some interviews months ago about being with Watkins, and how sick he is and the disturbing things he made her […]

Tim Lambesis Pleads Guilty In Murder-For-Hire Plot


As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis has copped a plea. He pleaded guilty today to trying to hire a man to murder his estranged wife. Lambesis, 32, entered the change of plea in court this morning, admitting that he hired a hit man to kill his estranged wife. He faces a maximum sentence of nine […]