Geezer Butler Arrested After Fight In Death Valley

Geezer's busted

Black Sabbath’s bassist Geezer Butler was arrested last night in California. The arrest stemmed from an altercation at the Corkscrew Saloon on the Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley. The 65-year-old musician was booked at the Inyo County Jail under his full name Terence Michael Butler. He was charged with misdemeanor assault, public intoxication and […]

Puddle Of Mudd Frontman Arrested At Denver Airport


Remember Puddle of Mudd? They were relevant for half-a-minute years and years ago…the proud discovery of one Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit. Well, the band’s frontman Wes Scantlin was arrested on Friday at Denver International Airport after he took what was described as a “joyride” on an airport baggage carousel. I guess that’s what you […]

Angus Young Confused About Which Drummer Arrested


At a press conference held yesterday, Angus Young expressed confusion about which of his bandmates was recently arrested for allegedly attempting to hire a hit man and possessing of several controlled substances. The lead guitarist and founding member of the legendary rock group AC/DC told reporters that he was “Aware that a drummer was arrested, […]

AC/DC Drummer Pulls A Lambesis

Phil in court

Phil Rudd’s been a very bad boy. The AC/DC drummer has been charged by New Zealand police with attempting to procure a murder. He pulled a Tim Lambesis. Rudd also faces charges of possessing the drugs methamphetamine and cannabis, and of threatening to kill. I’m surprised cannabis isn’t legal in New Zealand. Seems those folks […]

Let’s Play Guess The Charges With Miss Fortune’s Mikey Sawyer

Mikey Sawyer

It’s time once again kids to play America’s favorite game — Guess the Charges. This week’s featured arrest is of a dude named Mikey. Yeah, Mikey. Mikey Sawyer. He’s the lead singer of some band that used to be on Sumerian Records called Miss Fortune. Mikey now has the misfortune of sitting in a prison […]

Creep Alert: Kauze Singer Busted

The accused

Reports claim that a dude named Lane Steele Kozloff, the lead singer of the Los Angeles-based groove metal band Kauze, has been arrested for being creepy. Lane was arrested on October 6 on suspicion of meeting a minor for lewd purposes. Creep. Lane, who is 29, allegedly placed an ad on Craigslist on September 24 […]

Man Arrested For Posting Exodus Lyrics Speaks


James Evans, the 31-year-old man who was recently arrested for posting some of Exodus’ lyrics on Facebook, has spoken out about his detainment. In an interview with Billboard, Evans says the arrest was “surreal.” He outlined just how his arrest went down. Evans initially faced an initial charge of “terrorist threatenings” — a Class C […]

Nachmystium’s Blake Judd At It Again?

Blake Judd

Just when you thought you could give the creep the benefit of the doubt, along comes this report from Lambgoat, suggesting Nachtmystium mastermind Blake Judd has not fulfilled pre-orders for the band’s new album, The World We Left Behind. Judd claims he’s not fooling anyone twice: “I am simply waiting for Century Media to deliver […]

Scott Weiland Impostor Arrested, Leading To False Reports

Scott Weiland

I could see why most people would believe a story about Scott Weiland being arrested. I mean, it’d be nothing new for the dude. He does love drugs, after all. But he’s also been sober, as of late, he claims. So, maybe he has grounds for a lawsuit following TMZ’s reportage that he’d been arrested […]

Ex-Betrayal Drummer Busted For Kiddie Porn


What the fuck is up with dudes and kiddie porn, man? Like, honestly, I don’t get that shit. At all. I can see being into feet, maybe. I could get, perhaps, someone wanting to hump a seal. But kids? They’re so fucking sweet and innocent. It’s horrid to think of anything but wanting to care […]