Fleshgod Apocalypse Tap Soprano For Road Duties

Veronica Bordacchini

Fleshgod Apocalypse’s new album is fucking great. This, I can attest. You’re going to like it. Fleshgod Apocalypse, in order to promote that record (called Labyrinth, due in stores August 20), will have to tour. There’s some tricky parts on the new record that require the band bring along a soprano. Veronica Bordacchini is just […]

Arsis Announce Crowd-Funding Campaign


Great. It’s as if every band I dig realized I don’t approve of crowd-funding campaigns, and decided to piss me off. I guess this is simply the way the entire industry’s heading, and I need to accept it. I mean, Universal Music — the largest label on the planet — is launching a crowd-funding campaign […]

Byzantine Frontman Releasing Covers Album With Black Cap Miner Project

This was on the band's Facebook page

ThePRP directed me to a story on Byzantine’s frontman Chris Ojeda’s new project, called Black Cap Miner. I was unaware of the project hitherto, so, props to that site for turning me on to it. Seems Ojeda’s the recipient of some recent crowdfunding cash, with a release of thrash covers impending. He claims the effort […]

Video: Formless Debut New Song


Over the last couple years, Connecticut techdeath band Formless have made some waves on the Internet, even garnering praise from Decrepit Birth’s Matt Sotelo and Greg Macklin (bassist for Jeff Loomis). That’s pretty fucking impressive. Formless released a three song demo in 2010, which featured 20 minutes of some masterful Arsis/Decrepit Birth/Dissection worship, but managed […]

Wintersun, Arsis To Tour


Holy fucking poopie pants! I need to go change my jeans. I just found out Wintersun will be headlining a North American tour this summer, with support from Arsis, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Starkill. Not that that last record was amazing, but I’d be down to see this lineup. Dates follow at the end of this […]

Aborted Comment On Hypocrisy Tour Situation


The other day, I mistakenly reported the Hypocrisy tour was finished. The truth is the tour is carrying on without Hypocrisy…and now, Aborted. The band officially commented on their cancellation of their North American tour, which now only features Krisiun and Arsis — which is still fucking awesome, but not as rad. “Due to reasons […]

Hypocrisy Tour Cancelled


We had heard this was a possibility, and now, are bummed to report its reality. Swedish death metal act Hypocrisy have been forced to cancel their previously announced North American tour due to reasons beyond their control. The bandmembers had received their visa approvals and everything was going as scheduled until the embassy let them […]

Contest: See Hypocrisy In New York With Krisiun, Arsis

You know you wanna go

Holy shit, do we have a stellar giveaway for you this afternoon. How would you like to see Hypocrisy in New York at the Gramercy Theatre with Krisiun, Aborted, Arsis and Starkill? I knew you’d be psyched. We have two pairs of tickets to give away for the show, and you could end up winning. […]

Arsis Cover Corey Hart On New LP


The track listing was recently released for Arsis’ new LP, Unwelcome. When that information was released, I erred in overlooking something of massive importance. A song on the album is called “Sunglasses at Night.” As in the 1980s hit by Corey Hart. As in one of the greatest songs ever committed to tape that didn’t […]

Under the Radar: Nexus’ The Paradise Complex

The Paradise Complex

Australia. That lone country/continent removed from virtually the rest of the entire world and home to loveable things like kangaroos, life’s original stoners the koala bear, and blistering death metal. Despite Australia’s isolated location, they’ve managed to churn out some of the best death metal, grind, black metal, and any blend of those three subgenres […]