Video: Attila Singer Acting Dickish Down Under

Chris Fronzak

Typically, I don’t cover the band Attila unless one of their members does something embarrassing or stupid. Usually, the only member of the band who does anything regrettable is frontman Chris Fronzak, who I am convinced is guy who needs beating. Yes. I think that Chris would benefit from a vicious ass-whooping. I think it […]

Marilyn Manson Sucker Punched At Denny’s

Nice glasses

Yes, folks — Marilyn Manson occasionally dines at Denny’s. He was in one in Alberta, Canada, over the weekend when someone sucker punched him. Manson’s manager tells that the shock rocker was socked by another man while he posed for a photo with two women. Hotties, no doubt. Initial reports claimed Manson called the […]

Slipknot Guitarist Stabbed

Mick Thomson

It wasn’t me! I know I’ve voiced disdain for Slipknot, but I’d never act out in violence against any of its members. According to reports, a man named Mick Thomson, which is also the name of Slipknot’s guitarist, was allegedly stabbed this morning in a knife fight. His brother, Andrew, was also injured. The altercation […]

Adaliah Bassist Accused Of Decking Teen Girl


I didn’t even know there was a metalcore band from Florida called Adaliah, but I do now. And so do you. Let’s avoid their music together, shall we? According to Lambchode, the band’s bassist is alleged to have punched a 16-year-old girl Saturday night. The girl was witness to the band’s set over the weekend […]

Hatebreed Bassist Attacked By Branch

Likely the face Chris made between the top of the ladder and the pavement

That’s how I am filing this one: suspicious branch attack. Possibly hatched by aliens. Hatebreed’s bassist Chris Beattie broke his left wrist and right elbow earlier this week, and has to undergo surgery tomorrow to repair the fractures, likely micro-fractures. I’m not a doctor, but I play one in my tool shed. Seeing as he […]

UPDATE: Evisorax Guitarist Recovering After Curb Stomping

Daniel Lynch, before the attack

If you’ve ever wondered about the Daniel Lynch’s recovery, here’s an update on the guitarist for the U.K.’s Evisorax, who was attacked by a pack of goons back in January and left for dead with a “severely broken” leg. You may recall Dan was curb-stomped…meaning, they put his leg against a curb, and kicked or […]

Reign Supreme Guitarist Stabbed, Plays Show

Reign Supreme

According to a report on Lambgoat, last night the band Reign Supreme played a show, despite their guitarist Dave Heck being stabbed hours before. The site claims Heck was stabbed by an unknown assailant while walking in his backyard. He was stabbed in the stomach, and after receiving hospital treatment, was able to play a […]

Volumes Frontman Jumped In Nashville


I feel like the world is going fucking crazy. After Evisorax’s guitarist’s leg was destroyed in a curb-job delivered by small-dicked thugs in the U.K., now comes word that Volumes’ singer was jumped in Nashville. Michael Barr was attacked at the notorious Rocketown, which I hear is a sketchy fucking venue. Barr was apparently beaten […]

Evisorax Guitarist Viciously Attacked, Facing Major Surgery


When I was in college, I was jumped by a bunch of dudes. It was all over a chick. I was in a bar, working my mojo, while my friends were working theirs. I was talking to this chick, and things were going well. Next thing I know, some douche is telling me “I was […]

Hollywood Undead Members Throw Former Singer A Good Beating

A pack of pussies

According to reports, members of Hollywood Undead recently threw a brutal beating to their former singer. Aron “Douche” Erlichman was apparently beaten to a bloody pulp after his set May 25 at Angels & Kings in Hollywood, California. Wait, did I say “Douche?” I did. I meant Deuce. It’s Deuce. Not Douche. At least not officially. […]