Behemoth’s Biography To Be Released Next Month

You could own this...

Guess what? The biography of Behemoth, which is called “Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors” and was written by Łukasz Dunaj, will be released in North America through Metal Blade Records next month. The book, officially endorsed by the band, serves as an in-depth look at the history of the events that materially influenced Behemoth. As Dunaj points […]

Sepultura Biography Coming Soon — In English!

The Sepultura book

The English-language version of “Relentless: Thirty Years Of Sepultura” — the first complete biography of the band’s epic career by Sao Paulo, Brazil-based U.S. author Jason Korolenko — will be made available soon. Look for it to hit book stores on December 4 through Rocket 88, a UK-based publisher dedicated to exploring new worlds of […]

Lamb Of God’s Blythe Launches Blog About Book

Randy Blythe

Lamb Of God’s frontman Randy Blythe has launched a blog dedicated to his forthcoming book, “Dark Days.” The new blog is available here, and has just one entry on it thus far. The following is part of that entry: “Obviously (as the name of this blog will lead the more astute amongst you to deduce), […]

Peter Steele Biography Coming

Soul On Fire

And it’s even authorized! Meaning, the family of the late Type O Negative and Carnivore frontman have signed off on the project! Called “Soul On Fire,” Peter Steele’s biography is being worked on at this very moment. Not by me, alas — but by metal journalist Jeff Wagner. The book will be “a comprehensive investigation […]