Black Breath To Release New Album This Fall

Black Breath

A band I’ve been into since the first note, Black Breath, have a new album coming out. When? You saw the headline…this fall. Converge’s Kurt Ballou produced the record at his GodCity Studios in Massachusetts. Recording sessions for the Southern Lord disc took place last fall. I, for one, can not wait to hear what […]

Goatwhore, Ringworm To Tour


Now this is a tour I think you’d better go see, if it doesn’t skip your lame town. Goatwhore is touring with Ringworm, Black Breath and Theories. Phatness. I’d go for Ringworm and Black Breath, alone. But the fact that Goatwhore is playing too is dope. Although, at this point, I feel like I’ve seen […]

Black Breath Plot Third LP

Black Breath

Southern Lord Recordings is amped-up to announce that brutalizing Seattle quintet, Black Breath, has locked in some studio time late this autumn to harness their third full-length album for the label. The band will return to GodCity Studios in Salem, Massachusetts, to record once again with Kurt Ballou of Converge producing. Black Breath will begin […]

Summer Slaughter Dates Revealed


We already know the lineup. Now, we know the dates for this year’s Summer Slaughter. That’s how it should be. Mayhem does shit backwards. They give us the dates first, then the shitty lineup. Slaughter comes correct with the lineup, then the dates. As you know, Summer Slaughter will be headlined by Morbid Angel with […]

Summer Slaughter Tour Bill Announced

Morbid Angel

Surprise, surprise! The eighth annual Summer Slaughter Tour will feature — as expected — Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Thy Art Is Murder, Goatwhore, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Within The Ruins and Fallujah. Alas, Black Breath and Flotsam & Jetsam are not on the bill, as hinted. The tour will stop at The House of […]

Black Breath, Mutilation Rites To Tour

Black Breath

Oh man. As I write this, I am not hungover, but my stomach and brain definitely don’t feel right. I drank many shots last night with Matt from Nefarious Realm, who I’m crashing with for Metalfest weekend. He’s good shit, and his site is dope, so check it out. So, I’m not hungover, which means […]

Summer Slaughter Getting Thy Art Is Murder?

Thy Art Is Murder

Thus far, the bands hinted at for this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour have been awesome. But Thy Art Is Murder? I guess I don’t know them even well enough to voice an opinion on their music. But their intelligence is definitely up for debate. They started a near riot in Australia recently. Like dopes. If […]

Fallujah Tipped For Summer Slaughter


Yesterday, while I was preoccupied all day, the Summer Slaughter Tour Facebook page posted the following words: “The Harvest Wombs.” This makes Fallujah the latest band to be tipped for this summer’s bill. Last year, all of the bands on the tour were teased beforehand. So, that’s making a lot of us think Morbid Angel, […]

Black Breath Book Bunch Of Shows

Black Breath

Black Breath have some shows lined up around their set this year at the Maryland Deathfest. I can’t believe I am missing this fest yet again. What the fuck, man? No press passes? That’s a very press-unfriendly event, yo. If, like me, you won’t be making Maryland Deathfest, you can still see Black Breath at […]

Origin Playing Summer Slaughter?


If past behavior is any indicator, then yes — Origin will be part of this year’s Summer Slaughter. They’re the latest band to be tipped for the bill by the festival’s organizers. Last year, every band they hinted at ahead of the official announcement ended up playing the tour. So far, if this all ends […]