Faith No More Book U.K. Summer Appearance

Faith No More

Hey kids out there in TV land. Did you miss me today? I sure didn’t miss writing posts. I was busy being a lazy bum, and did some minor household repair work that didn’t come out the way I wanted. Oh well. Did you hear? Faith No More will be back on stage this July, […]

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With The Oath’s Johanna Sadonis


In this post, which went live a few weeks ago, I — in my usual tongue-in-cheek-yet-still-honest style — expressed my pure, wanton desire for the ladies of The Oath, especially after seeing their skintastic press photos. At that point, I hadn’t heard a single note of their self-titled debut, so I instead praised the ladies […]

Musings From A Curmudgeon: Killer Be Killed Will Be A Massive Letdown

Killer Be Killed

There has been substantial coverage about this band here on GSA. I, for one, have been extremely excited about this project. I mean, Max Cavalera is in it. He’s the dude who’s responsible for the records Arise and Beneath the Remains. Those two albums barely contain a typhoon of whipping riffage and unbridled passion. Cavalera […]

Readers’ Bands: Now Let’s Check Out Sun Voyager

Sun Voyager

If you’re into doom-laden psychedelia inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Sleep, Fu Manchu, and Electric Wizard, well then you may just dig on Orange County, New York-band Sun Voyager’s sound. The four-piece have released two demos, called Cosmic Tides and Mecca. Bassist Stefan Mersch contacted us some time ago, asking for some coverage […]

Black Sabbath Albums Being Sold As Box Set

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Back in the day, Rhino Records used to sell bullshit. Old-ass music no one cared about anymore and TV theme compilations were what they would release, along with corny comedy albums. Nowadays, the label’s the home of old-ass music people still care about. They were behind the Pantera reissues, and now, have packaged together Black […]

Listen To A New Song From The Oath — Right Now!

The Oath

A lot of you folks gave me shit the other day for saying I’d fornicate with the ladies of The Oath, calling my post on the band a sexist commentary written by a feeble man. Guilty as charged! Do I think the ladies of The Oath are comely? You bet your ass I do, and […]

Guest Column: Three Books You Need To Read By Demon Hunter’s Patrick Judge

Demon Hunter

In our undying efforts to bring you engaging columns you won’t find anywhere else, we’ve reached out to the metal world seeking submissions for a new subject: Three amazing books you have to pick up and devour. Seeing as you read this blog everyday, we went out on a limb and assumed you’d maybe want […]

Suddenly, I’m Intrigued By A Band Called The Oath

The Oath

I wonder why I’d be so interested in them. I mean, the name The Oath isn’t all that great, and the fact that they couldn’t even come up with a name for their debut self-titled album for Rise Above Records strikes me as lazy. Think it could have something to do with the band’s members, […]

Lineup, Nominees Out For Revolver Golden Gods Awards


It’s that time of year again…time to get disappointed! The brown-nose fest that is Revolver Golden Gods Awards — not to be confused with Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods Awards — is set. The awards will be handed out April 23, and feature on-stage performances by Guns N’ Roses, Korn, Zakk Wylde, Joan Jett and the […]

Sean Harris Selects His All-Timers


Many times I have been around a bunch of my metal head buddies and many times the question comes up. “Who’s in your all-time metal supergroup?” Now it’s pretty hard to pick a select few musicians out there to be in one. You have to think about genre, songwriting and how well the band could […]