Soundwave Tour Gets Even Better With Mastodon, Glassjaw


You Australians! Damn, am I envious of you. That accent, those beaches, them hotties! Australia’s got it all, and we’ve got our own bit of Australia on the site in the form of Xander Harrison, who won the 2013 GSA Writer’s Contest. Crikey! But when you folks get festivals, fuck do you do it up […]

Black Veil Brides Frontman Calls Out Audience Member For Being A Tool

Black Veil Brides

Look, we’ve been harsh on the Black Veil Brides, because, well, they’re lame. It’s not because they wear makeup, and its not because they’re faggy or not heavy enough. Their music is just fucking whack. Anyone with half a brain and the ability to listen to pretty much anything else will tell you…Black Veil Brides […]

Machine Head Called Out For Fake Amps

The incriminating evidence

I caught a lot of shit last month when I wrote about the Bronx’s drummer calling out Black Veil Brides for using “fake amps” or “dummy cabs” on stage. I didn’t realize the practice of using fake amps was so widespread. I see absolutely no need for it. I have never gone to a show […]

Bullet For My Valentine, Black Veil Brides To Tour

Bullet For My Valentine

Man, talk about a match made in poop heaven. The only way this bill could get lamer is if they added Oceano and Five Finger Donut Rape. Yes, young fools — Bullet For My Valentine and Black Veil Brides are the first two bands named to the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, which is also, I […]

Black Veil Brides Using Fake Amps On Stage

Fucking hell

Look at that picture. That was snapped by someone backstage during a stop on the Warped Tour, the most metal tour on the planet. The worthless band using those fake amps is Black Veil Brides. I don’t even know where to start. I know bands have done this in the past for show, but does […]

Europe Airs Beef With Media Over Sabaton Sales


In what may be the weakest beef since Five Finger Death Punch’s frontman called out Black Veil Brides, Europe has called out us media types for misrepresenting the truth. And they’ve gone about it in a very polite way. “So,” writes Europe online. “A Swedish band called Sabaton has gone platinum in Sweden, selling 40,000 […]

Barney And Friends

Sean Harris

Now I’m a real thrash metal junkie but lately I’ve been getting more and more into heavier stuff. I attended my first official death metal concert last Tuesday and the results came back positive. Cannibal Corpse headlined and I must say, it’s one of the most intense sets I have ever witnessed. The fans, the […]

Five Finger Death Punch Frontman Does Not Like Black Veil Brides

Five Finger Death Punch

That’s like AIDS hating cancer. Like Poison hating Mötley Crüe. Like pig shit hating duck shit. But yes — Ivan Moody, the frontman for Five Fisted Douche Brunch, has taken to the web to air his disdain for a band that’s equally as shitty, Blue Ball Brides. Black Veil won the Golden God award for […]

Iron Maiden Unveil Trooper Beer

The Trooper looks delicious

At this rate, fucking Black Veil Brides will have their own beer. It’s at that point this trend will become uncool. Every band is releasing an intoxicant these days. Why shouldn’t Iron Maiden be able to cash in too? Real ale fan and history aficionado Bruce Dickinson played a major role in developing the unique […]

Warped Tour: The Most Metal Tour Ever, Possibly

Black Veil Brides

The most metal tour on the motherloving planet just got fucking ten times more metal! First, the Black Dahlia Murder signed on last month, and I complained (and still stand by what I said) that the tour didn’t meet the high metal standards of onetime GSA columnist Trevor Strnad. Now, they’ve added the likes of […]