David Lee Roth Endorses Busty Chick’s “Teacher” Cover

What's up, girl

I like boobs. Love ‘em, in fact. Big fan. They’re awesome, big or small. But they’re more awesome big. Sometimes sloppy big. Some chick with an ample rack named Trisha Paytas has released a video, which follows at the end of this post. It boasts a bunch of smoking hot babes, but mostly focuses on […]

Butcher Babies Win For Worst Album Cover Ever


That useless band The Butcher Babies will release a covers EP on September 30. Just what the world needs. Uncovered is the name of the album with the lamst album cover ever. Each band member chose a track to record for the effort, which was produced by Logan Mader. One of them is an Osmonds […]

Butcher Babies Plot October Release

Butcher Babies

She didn’t say what the band would release but in a chat with Australia’s Music Feeds, Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd revealed October would see the issuance of product from the T&A-flaunting rockers. I hope it’s a pocket pussy. The band has been spending much of the summer writing and recording some of the material for […]

Butcher Babies Broad Releasing Novel


I swear to fuck…anyone can get a book deal. Me, a natural born writer? Nope. I seem to be the only dude who can’t bag a book deal, and I’m fucking tired of it. Even one of the chicks from Butcher Babies, Carla Harvey, has a novel coming out. And on my birthday, no less. […]

Butcher Babies In The Studio

Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies are just sad, right? I mean, they basically had something of a mercurial rise, and didn’t have to really pay their dues that much. And it was all because of the two women fronting them…who would show their boobs off. Now, they’re all serious since they’ve gained some modicum of mainstream acclaim. They’re […]

Protest The Hero’s New Video Pits Trekkies Vs. Star Wars Nerds


Man, is it awesome to listen to the drumming prowess of the one and only Chris Adler. The Lamb of God drummer, as you know, played his kit for the new Protest the Hero album. A video from the band follows at the end of this post. In it, Star Wars and Star Trek fans […]

NSFW: Huntress Singer Used To DJ With Her Boobs

Jill has boobs

Not with her boobs, but with them out. On display. If you wanna see boobs, then you can head to the end of this post to see a picture that will get you fired from your job. Trust me. If you don’t read The Gauntlet, you should change that. It’s because Jason Fisher and myself […]

Butcher Babies Release Lyric Video

Butcher Babies

If, like me, you’re into the Butcher Babies for their boobies, do not watch the lyric video at the end of this post. Rather than what I would have release (a slow-motion, tit-filled pillow fight, where the pillows rip upon and feathers flutter slowly to the floor), it looks more like a Lifetime Network special. […]

Falling In Reverse Drop Off Tour As Baby Set To Drop Out Of Model Fotch

How is it that Ronnie Radke's with this gorgeous creature

I am sorry if that headline is offensive to you. I am sorry that you take life so fucking seriously, and can’t spot humor when it’s right in front of your ugly mug. Yes, folks — I was sent a video by an associate today, to a Falling In Reverse video. This associate implored I […]

Butcher Babies Releasing Album In July

The two chicks from The Butcher Babies

The Butcher Babies are despicable. Honestly. The fact that they’ve got a record deal and so many other bands with actual talent don’t is felonious. And the reason they have a deal with Century Media? The four, sweat-drenched mounds of succulent flesh on the the female singers’ torsos. Tits are the reason why this band […]