Born Of Osiris Working On New Songs

Born Of Osiris

That’s right — and I don’t care! Sorry, people. I just haven’t been able to get into that band, despite my best efforts. But that shouldn’t prevent you from being a fan and liking this post so your friends can see it on Facebook. There’s new Born Of Osiris material being crafted as you read […]

Sumerian Bands Pay Tribute To Florence And The Machine

The original 'Ceremonials'

This is kind of cool. Something you could probably listen to with the girlfriend. Sumerian Records will release a Florence and the Machine tribute album on May 13, called Sumerian Ceremonials: Florence + The Sphinx. Says label prez Ash Avildsen: “To me, Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine is one of the most timeless records […]

Every Time I Die Added To Warped Lineup

Every Time I Die

Aaaaaand you’re still not going to be attending this summer’s version of the Warped Tour, even after the latest additions to the questionably-assembled bill were announced Wednesday. Now, the lineup boasts those unfunny buttholes in Every Time I Die. Gee, phat. Ice Nine Kills is also playing this year’s Warped, along with the staggering likes […]

Warped Tour: Lineup’s Still Lame


I guess at this point we can assume the entire lineup for Warped Tour’s gonna suck. I mean, each week, Wednesday rolls around, and more bands are added to Warped’s bill. But none are ever any good. Therefore, we can make the conclusion that the Warped Tour itself will suck a big satchel of uncircumcised […]

Warped Tour Lineup: Still A Big Bag Of Suck

Born Of Osiris

The Warped Tour lineup is officially the worst I’ve ever come across. If they added Emmure, that would make it somehow better, in fact. That’s saying a lot. Yesterday, they added six more bands to the bill, and none will have you wishing you could attend. The new add-ons are Born Of Osiris, Yellowcard, The […]

Periphery, Born Of Osiris To Tour


Yeah. Who cares? Sorry, kids. I guess I’m not dorky enough to get Periphery. Maybe I’m too dorky. Same is true for Born of Osiris. I just don’t understand why people get all cream corny about them. Yet, they still amass fans. Periphery will play a run of headlining shows for their North American fans […]

Ex-Born Of Osiris Touring Guitarist Claims Band Owes Him A Pretty Penny

Dude's pissed

Or millions of pretty pennies. Former Born of Osiris touring guitarist Lee Evans — who has been out with the band twice in the last five years — claims the band owes him $3,000. That’s a lot of claims. Like any sane individual would, he jumped on Facebook to bitch about the money he’s owed. […]

Born Of Osiris Release New LP Teaser

Born of Osiris

What’s that? You say you wanna hear just under eight minutes from the new Born of Osiris record? I thought you might, so I went ahead and posted that teaser — which the band release today — at the end of this post. The band’s new album is called Tomorrow We Die ∆live and will […]

Born Of Osiris Name Next Record

Born Of Osiris

They have. And it wouldn’t be so bad, if it wasn’t so weird. The title is Tomorrow We Die ∆live. They’re seemingly big fans of the “∆.” Sumerian Records have an August 20 release date in the works for the new disc.

Born Of Osiris Detail New Disc; Release Teaser Clip

Born Of Osiris

Get ready to break that neck. Born of Osiris will release their new full-length album on August 20. You can hear the new track, “M∆CHINE,” at the end of this post. The band’s album comes just in time for this summer’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival, which kicks off this weekend. “We couldn’t be more excited to […]