Slayer, Doomriders Set For Converse Fest


A multi-genre five-day festival is coming to Boston, and Slayer and Doomriders will be among the acts performing. Called the Converse Rubber Tracks Live Festival, the event will feature five different themed concerts — alternative rock, indie dance, heavy metal, hip-hop and punk — and will kick off April 27. The metal show happens the […]

Readers’ Bands: Let’s Check Out New England Rockers Mongrel


Not that long ago, a fellow by the name of Adam Savage wrote us to sing our praises. “Just found the site and really enjoy it,” Adam writes, before pitching us on his female fronted “rock-punk-metal” band. Rock-punk-metal, you say? That’s like the mafia restaurant near my house that has a sign out front that […]

Drowningman Reunites, Books Three Shows


I am not sure how extended this reunion will be, or whether it’s permanent or what, but I’m excited to reveal that Drowningman’s gotten back together for a trio of shows. They’ll be the band’s first in more than 10 years, basically. I’m amped. One’s in Brooklyn, and I was always a fan of Drowningman, […]

Readers’ Bands: Dig Thrash? Behold Black Mass

Black Mass

Boston has bred a lot of decent bands over the years, man. New England in general seems to be a hotbed of musical creativity. For a while there, it looked like New England was the new Seattle, and it makes sense. People are smart in New England, and they’re shrewd. They dig their music heavy, […]

Jimmy Page Gives Berklee Commencement Speech

Jimmy Page at Berklee, shot by the Associated Press

It’s graduation time, folks. For those who’ve been toiling away in school the last four years, it’s time to join the work force with the rest of us stiffs. The other day, the nearly 900 graduates in Berklee’s 2014 class welcomed Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page as one of its commencement speakers. Page was in Boston […]

Fishiness Abounds Over This Is Boston Funds

The event's poster

About a year ago, several bands from Massachusetts took part in a benefit show to aid victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. The event was called This Is Boston, and was staged May 6, 2013, at Quincy’s South Shore Music Hall with Converge, Slapshot, Wrecking Crew, and Doomriders performing, among others. The benefit raised $14,000 […]

Amon Amarth, Enslaved Catch Bruins Game

"Where's the fucking beer man, bre?"

Life on the road is everything but boring. Sure, you can get homesick and sleeping on a bus can get old, but if you play your cards right, you can have a grand old time loggin’ miles. On Tuesday, I am going to go see Amon Amarth and Enslaved in New York. Skeletonwitch is opening. […]

Video: Revocation Release ‘Invidious’ Clip


Head to the end of this post. There, you can feast your eyes and ears on the new video from Revocation, one of the best bands going. We’d say that even if Dave Davidson didn’t write a food column for us. Revocation used footage from a recent hometown show for the “Invidious” clip. The song […]

Readers’ Bands: Scaphism Are Fucking Sick


“Ear-raping death thrash” is how Boston’s Scaphism characterizes it’s sound. I’d say that’s basically pretty fucking accurate. We received an email some time ago from Alex, the band’s capable drummer, telling us he respects the site and wouldn’t mind some coverage for his crew. “We are a four-piece groovy death/thrash outfit, and just released our […]

Kataklysm Frontman Also Hates Rolling Stone Now


Rolling Stone put a suspected murderer on the cover of their magazine this week, and have received more press than they’ve garnered in years. I’m sure they considered the backlash, and I am sure they are loving it. I am also fairly certain they have no idea who Maurizio Iacono is. Of course, he fronts […]